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    On our recent trip away, our Eberspacher diesel heater started playing up. It was blowing loads of cold air and then when we persuaded it to blow hot, it gave up after a few minutes.

    Ant used his Eberspacher diagnostic thingummybob when he did our service and thought that it was probably the control unit. Today it went to our local agent and it was indeed the control unit, so a new one was fitted and we were relieved of nearly £400 (horrible pain in wallet). :(

    It had only operated for 70 hours in 6 years (it has an internal log) and lorries usually run for about 4000 hours before packing up.

    We have been advised to run it for about 1 hour at least once a month. We did try and run it fairly often but it has sometimes gone several months without being used.

    In future we will be the noisy ones using the Eberspacher heater - even in the heatwave that we will be having this summer!

    Oh dear Wendy, sorry to hear that, it must have been a bit of a shock.

    I suppose the alternative would have been to leave it and use the £400 to get electric hook up when you needed it.

    As you know we haven't got heating and have often envied your set up. It's a bit of a pain for us deciding whether to have electric or not especially this time of the year when it could be a bit chilly at night but warm during the day and it must be nice to have the eberspacher to just flick on as and when needed.

    Ah well, as my Dad always used to say "easy come easy go" and if we are disturbed by noise when camping we'll know where to look.
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      Hope our Webasto's OK. Apparently there is going to be a recall on R25s, something to do with the cabling not rated correctly. Awaiting the mail man for the news.

      Tony Anchorman


        Oh dear, Wendy, my lovely - that's bad news - one of the reasons I chose a Webasto unit when I fitted mine in the Bongo - they don't SEEM to suffer so many failures (famous last words!!)

        Hope you don't have to send poor John back to work to pay for it!!!



          We didn't chose Eberspacher - it was already fitted when we got the van.

          The moral would appear to be 'use it or lose it'. The 'lose it' bit obviously means your money!!


            Hi Wendy

            Sorry to hear of the problems. We did not know about running the eberspacher regularly. We do use it when some others may find it quite warm outside and I always go outside to listen and it is not very loud even just a few yards away. Certainly no one in a solid unit would hear it. Also it is so efficient that 20 mins is usually enough.

            Happy camping.


              Well that IS a big OUCH! :eek:
              Never mind Wendy, at least its fixed now and you know how to keep it like that!


                Ow, that is a big lump of dosh unexpectedly. We have a blown air heated run on gas. Presumably less complicated bits to go wrong. (I hope) Ann


                  That is a big OUCH Wendy :(

                  Think we'd better stick to hot water bottles

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