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Highlands and Islands

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    Highlands and Islands

    Hello Everyone,
    We're off on our next adventure on Friday. We're heading up towards Ullapool and then over to the Outer Hebrides. The furthest we've been on the West side of Scotland is Skye, so any suggestions regarding sites or any ideas regarding sights to see/things to do would be very welcome.
    Aileen x

    If it's Lewis you are going to, then the most important place to visit is Callanish. An amazing late Neolithic, early Bronze Age, stone monument. The Stonehenge of The North! Also, whilst at Callanish, check out "The Sleeping Beauty".
    A very Christian island, I was instructed not to hang washing on the line on the sabbeth! So not everyone is keen to talk about "The Sleeping Beauty".
    There is a good example of a fortified Iron Age tower or "Broch" as they are known, this stands a few miles north of Callanish at Carloway.
    A drive around South Harris is a must, its almost like a lunnar landscape, and at the southern tip is the tiny port of Rodel, with it's small 16th centuary church, well worth a visit.
    The Butt Of Lewis is the most northerly point, with the Port Of Ness. Ten miles to the south west is the village Siadar, and the vast monolith known as the Clach an Trushal.
    Enjoy your visit!


      Loved the outer Hebs!

      I have a slide show of photos from when I went on YouTube:

      There are plenty of places to wild camp, and the small harbours have showers/water/loos. There are a few campsites, but to be honest, when you can just pull up and stay by the beach I know what I'd rather do!

      There are also the Youth Hostels and you're allowed to camp outside and for a small fee, use their facilities!

      Go to the Stornoway Tourist Info centre for all the info when you get there. There's an amazing 'Wild camping' site at Horgebost Beach. loos, showers, water, just no EHU. They ask for a donation towards the upkeep.

      Wish I was coming with you!

      Have a wonderful time!
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        Thank you very much Alan and Jayjay. You've both whetted my appetite even more and I can't wait to go. We're heading up the M6 after work on Friday and I am just counting down the hours.
        Aileen x


          Skye is horrid with the midges, I'll never go back there again! Drive straight over and don't stop!!

          On the 'other site' ('scuse the ref, Graham) is a list of regular Hebredian sites:

          Print them off and take it with you, just in case.

          Watch out for the wind. Lunnie told me to get some Steel Delta pegs for the awning and I'm glad I took her advice, it's very windy there! And it can be quite cold both day and night at this time of the year, so take extra underclothes (thermals will do very nicely, or leggins, under trousers/jeans - and an extra jumper = wear two)

          Callanish is superb, isn't it Alan? It's an amazing circle of stones, with a cross running thru the middle. Has to be seen to be believed. Nothing prepared me for that!

          Ullapool is lovely. If you're on the campsite at the end of the harbour street, just walk back on yourself to the nearest pub, they do very good meals.

          Have a safe journey!
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            Midges? They're great aren't they. We went to Skye a couple of years ago and stayed at some lovely sites, but the midges did see us off one in the early hours. We had a similar horrid experience the year before in Arran too. I'll look out my thermals from my trip to the Shetlands.....I'll be getting my money's worth!
            Thanks again,
            Aileen x.


              No midges in the Hebs, Aileen! Too windy for them!!!


                I'm so pleased to hear that. x


                  Campsite not to miss

                  I hesitated about telling you but if you go about 30 miles north of Ullapool on the coast just near Inverary you will find heaven in the guise of Clachtoll beach campsite owned by Jim & Ishbel Galway - we are heading up there in July for our second visit - the site is right on a wonderful beach and there are no midges on site (they are waiting about 100 mtrs inland!) - but please don't tell anyone else................


                    Thanks Dora,
                    We're planning on starting our island hopping at Oban then back over to Ullapool and the mainland for a few days, so will probably pay a visit to this site. It's a dilemma when you have a much loved campsite isn't it?
                    Now all I need to do is prise myself away from the internet and pack...........


                      Have a safe journey today and have a wonderful time! We'll all be looking forward to seeing the photos! Bon Voyage!


                        I have been to the Hebrides for the last two years for my hols,just fantastic I love the relaxed way of the islands!!

                        Have fun and enjoy your trip! Special place!!



                          Hello Everyone,
                          We arrived home yesterday after a great fortnight away. Our fortnight wasn't long enough, so we still have the Highlands of the North West to look forward to as we spent nearly all our time on the island
                          I don't thnk I've seen so many little vans in such a short period of time. 3 Outlooks, 1 Mezan, 3 C15 Hylos, 1 C15 High top and a Dimension!
                          I've done the An Cliseam horseshoe (nearly killed me!), seen the Calanais Stones and camped at what must be some of the best beaches in the UK. We drove back through Assynt and Aviemore, so have a holiday ahead already planned!
                          Thanks for the help.
                          Aileen. x


                            sounds as though you had a fantastic time, have you any photos we could enjoy?


                              Looking forward to hearing more when you've recovered! And photos!!!


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