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Settle DA Meet

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    Settle DA Meet

    Can't get away from Small Motorhomers anywhere ;)

    We travelled from Kent to Settle, arriving on Thursday afternoon, and the campsite very quickly filled up, so that there are now three fields filled with caravans and motorhomes. On Friday evening, in comes another Romahome, parks next door but one......who's in it?

    Denise and Steve! (aka Dancer). Lovely people (and they didn't even pay us to say that - although they have brought us cake - works just as well!! haha).

    We're both displaying our Small Motorhomes stickers (non-stickers ;) ) - how about some flags??

    Beautiful area.......we completed a 350 mile loop on the trains yesterday, encompassing one of the most stunning railway journeys in the world - the Settle to Carlisle line. So good, we're planning on doing it again. Our two kittens, Gracie and Eddy also enjoyed the ride ;)

    Happy Romehoming days.....

    Hi Sidick

    What a pleasant surprise for you all to meet up unexpectedly, glad to hear both units were sporting their small motorhome stickers, even though they don't stick.

    I went on the Settle to Carlisle route with my Dad on a steam train not long before he died, it was one thing he had always wanted to do and we both enjoyed it enormously.
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      Hi all

      What a great weekend, so nice to meet up with up Jill Richard and willomena, and not forgetting Gracia and Eddie, i must say a big thankyou for the numerous bottles of cider you gave us we thouroughly enjoyed them, and your company last night was very enjoyable, hope we didnt upset any other campers we did go on a bit late, sorry we didnt say goodbye but you were up far to early for us, lynn and michael are staying for another day unfortunatly i have to go back to work, enjoy the rest of your stay and we will be sure to meet up again, and thanks for traveling all that way from the south for the meet, see you at another DA or Roma/ SMC very soon.
      Added a few photos of the meet.

      Dancer (Steve & Denise)
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        Just spoken to Lynn and Michael, who have been to Settle for breakfast. They were chatting to a long distance lorry driver, who yesterday met some people with two white cats on the Settle to Carlisle railway.......can't think who that might have been ;)

        Feel we're being followed everywhere ;)

        Great pictures - you've really managed to capture how close we were on the campsite, and the romahomes look brilliant. Are you as proud of these pictures as the photo of Denise in a bikini with her aura on display? . If you'd like to post that picture, we can have a vote on the forum as to which one is best ;)

        See you at the second inaugural meeting ;)

        Jill, Richard, Wilhelmina, Gracie and Eddy (bye, bye, bye, meow, meow)


          Denise would kill me if i put that photo on display, it is for my eyes only,


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