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Charcoal barbies in France?

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    Charcoal barbies in France?

    Une autre French question.

    Is it worth taking my mini Weber charcoal barbie to France (Brittany)?

    I really love it because its small, will cook a small joint and is very easy. However a friend told me last night that charcoal barbies are now banned in France so you can't use them on campsites. I was interested because when I last went tent camping there several years ago the French were very into the barbeque.

    Am i best to leave my beloved Weber at home? There's not that much room in a Duo, after all, so unused gear is a pain.

    I'm not sure on the rules but we have found in the past that some camp sites allow charcoal barbecues and some only allow gas barbecues, best to check beforehand with the campsite if it is important to you.
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