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Thanks Graham and Pauline

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    Thanks Graham and Pauline

    Hope I haven't posted this twice - but thanks for your birthday wishes. I have been lurking and learning for the last 3 months (plus a holiday abroad from which I have just returned). Anyway, retirement is looming - I should know my options next week. If I am done with work my search for a van can begin.As I have said before I like hylo and Stepwagon/Noah conversions. I need something garageable, not too big (I'm 5'2) but big enough for me and dogs (smallish). I am slightly apprehensive about retirement - it's like getting off an escalator, and will miss the company, but it has to come soon. Any advice about smallish campers grateful received. Now back to the birthday. Thanks again - what a friendly forum this is. Claire

    Hi Claire

    I'm glad you stopped lurking and came out of the closet you are right this is a lovely friendly forum, the best on the web, mind you I'm biased.

    Enjoy your retirement and the search for your perfect van, we have some lovely vans on our website, new and secondhand, have a look you might see something you fancy.
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      Don't be afraid of retirement, although it does seem a little daunting at first, leaving the security of the regular routine, regular pay packet, 'role in society', etc.

      Retirement, combined with the purchase of my Hylo, opened up a whole new world to me. Weekends! Evenings! Mid week outings! Off peak holidays! Not to mention the lovely people I have met through the forum.

      I honestly believe my health is better and I have been much happier since retiring, and that is despite having enjoyed my job (most of the time.)

      I hope you find the vehicle that meets your dreams. And belated birthday greetings, too.
      Carpe diem! :)


        A few years ago (ie about 15) I had ideas about retirement- I would be travelling here and there - at a budget level - cos I knew I wouldn't have much to spare but I would have time to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.

        Here is retirement (I am 65) Still working occasionally (can't afford not to but it is an ideal job as I am only "relief" and can say "no" whenever I want to. Relief librarian -I was never a librarian in previous lives but this is the best job in the world - great co-workers - get to see all the best books - meet loads of lovely people and NO stress - pay is lousy but who cares)
        I have so many other activities, (U3A, learning Gaelic, teaching Spanish, managing a croft, letting caravan ) that I am always complaining that I don't have time to do what I want to do. I don't get away as often as I would like - but I do live in an idyllic place, have great neighbours and friends. Limited income so can't afford lovely holidays abroad but have my wee C15 to get away occasionally.

        Retirement is like everything else in life - it is what you make it. Having a small campervan gives you lots of freedom and everywhere I go with mine people talk to me so I think it is a good way of making new friends. I just wish I would really retire and have enough time and income to be able to travel and go down to some of these meets advertised on the forum. I have yet to meet anyone from the forum but at the same time feel as though I am getting to know people and everyone on the forum seems so friendly that I am sure I would be really pleased to count them as friends.

        "getting off the escalator" says CVJ
        I used to call it the treadmill - I think you may find that once you retire you are off the escalator/treadmill but I haven't found that this means life slows down - I just wish I had time to take up all the opportunites offered - even with a limited income.

        Jump off the escalator ASAP and enjoy being in the driving seat


          Strangely enough cedas, I have been a librarian for 44 years. I am facing a restructure (these have been going on for years now), and I am invited to confirm my future role next week. Having returned from holiday to a mountain of work I feel that only the perfect job - current location and reduced hours (Halved) - could possibly tempt me to stay, and even then, only until next spring. I strongly suspect my notice will be going in next Friday, and my search will begin. Treadmill farewell. Claire


            My "retirement" came unexpectedly last year in the form of redundancy and despite the fact that it was traumatic at the time I'm loving my new life, albeit in reduced circumstances. I bought my van with my redundancy money and have had some lovely times exploring close to home and further afield.
            I've finally got time to do what I want to do and it's surprising how little you can live well on.




              Since DH retired 2 years ago I have slept better than ever before. No more listneing for the alarm clock ......... has made a HUGE difference to my Life. Also being able to please ourselves, meet up with people when we want to do so, get away for a few nights to the beach ...... now we have a 'van in the offing who knows .......


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