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Storage for your bits and bobs

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    Storage for your bits and bobs

    This is an idea that we pinched from John and Wendy and their Dimension and I noticed in another thread that Lunnie uses this idea too.

    We got some plastic milk bottles and cut off the bottom and they make perfect little storage tubs for putting in the toilet compartment of our Dimension to put bits and pieces in.
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    1. I bought a plastic bacon box (cheap from wilkinsons) and use this to store my cutlery. It sits nicely in the inside storage above the windows of the outlook.

    2. I reuse the little food bags used for the fresh goods (in the supermarket)and use them as mini bin bags.

    3. I have also found a use for those little medicine bottles with the push and turn screw tops, they are good for washing up liquid. (I did test this first by turning it upside down with water and it didn't leak) Especially if you are only going away for a short weekend, saves taking a big bottle.

    4. Superdrug do minature shampoos, shower gels and other items that once used you can top up with your own from home. These are handy if you and your partner have a washbag each, you don't have to wait in turn to use the shampoo etc.

    5. Microfibre towels save on space. Just take a bit of getting used to.

    There must be so many hints and tips that we could borrow from each other I think it will be very interesting.....

    Thanks graham.


      My simplest idea is to use blue-tac to stick a small magnet (ex fridge magnet) in the hob area. That is then the home when on site for the bolt which secures the fridge door. The bolt will not get lost, and I can also check from the driving seat that the bolt is where it should be.


        I just posted but lost the whole lot, this new computer is too fast for me!

        Anyway I will try again.

        I bought some small firm plastic food storage boxes, cut out one side leaving about one inch all round, turned upside down and open side to front and they make shelf units for the cupboards.

        Also the sink thingies with compartments for cutlery are good for bits and pieces. Ours slope towards front so we can see what is in each compartment, phone, charger, pens, sellotape etc.


          We don't particularly ever use our Movelite awning but are fed up with having to put the chairs away every night. Got one of those huge laundry bagsĀ£1.99 from cheap shop and the chairs fit in length wise, zip up and can be kept under or near van overnight. Lovely and dry in morning and chairs can travel in bags as well. In fact we can keep the small table in there too and the chill box. If the zip edge is folded downwards everything is belt and braces dry.


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