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What is the best set up for a gopod

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    What is the best set up for a gopod

    After a years going out in Pod (Poddington) 20 trips last year . I am having blown air heating Put in so I will be free of EHU and being able to go to rallies at xmas .I was looking at all the 50 or so gopods at the Powwow last year I was wondering what is is best set up .many of us on are own like our motor movers. Solar panels are very popular it keeps my battery topped up wild camping and thro the winter.i don't use the oven and grill as much as I thought I would .I hope other gopoders will Join in the chat . this thought is with us all when we set out ,what accessories do we put in our Tent /caravan /motorhome? some come in the package and theres no choice so what do we wish was there and what do we never use???my bed extension to make a 30inch wide Single fixed bed is best one for me.this will help those who join the forum before getting or converting there dream Tin tent?

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