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Towing with a Qashqai 1.2 litre

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    Towing with a Qashqai 1.2 litre

    Hi , Is anyone using a Qashqai 1.2 litre as a tow car? If they are could you please advise on what you are towing and how it performs.



    Hi and welcome!

    I googled a bit of info for you from the net:

    It says on the above site that it can tow 'up to 1200kg'. However, that might be in a straight line and level ground for no more than five minutes, so how it performs as a towing vehicle is a very good question. If you don't mind us asking, what are you intending to tow?

    Another thing you need to check out, especially if you are thinking of towing a small caravan or trailer, is the noseweight that the towbar can carry vs. the noseweight of any trailer/caravan.


      Hi dick b

      Can't help with the Qashqai I'm afraid but as jayjay suggests there will be limitations on its towing ability not just because of the power (and torque) but the weight of the vehicle.

      I can quote my own unit if it will help: mine is a 1.2 as well, but a Skoda estate (automatic). It has a towing limit of 1000kg. My caravan has a max. weight of 750kg which is just under the 80% (of the kerbweight of the car) recommendation. It tows the Fleurette very well with hardly any drop in fuel consumption. is a helpful site where you can key in your vehicle and caravan details and get a suitability match. Having just been onto the site to check it's still 'live', I note they are now charging for towing matches: not a fortune though, you can get 5 searches for a fiver (£1.49 for 1)


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