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insurance before and during conversion

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    insurance before and during conversion


    Im asking for a bit of advice -Can anyone share what have you done re insurance before during and after conversions?

    I have finally found a berlingo van I am likely to buy for a camper conversion. I am having a bit of difficulty getting insurance though - had a few reasonable online quotes to insure it just as a van, then I called Adrian Flux who have a policy which covers all stages of conversion before after and during, but this was pretty expensive - then other apparent camper specialists I called wouldnt offer anything (caravanwise which only does as an additional vehicle, NFU who wouldn’t have anything to do with a conversion process).

    Maybe i have to go back to the Adrian Flux one as it at least seems possible - but as I had thought insurance was supposed to be cheaper for a camper than a work van I am a bit confused /concerned by that!

    Thanks for any responses and advice! Diana

    I think Adrian Flux will be your best bet because this is their specialist field. Normally you'll be allowed 6 months to complete the conversion and then it can be insured as a motorhome/campervan, normally at a lower premium than during the conversion. Keep all receipts etc and this may help you determine an agreed value for the completed conversion but, be warned, this will be depreciated after the first year.

    Good luck with your conversion.


      You could give Advance a try. I am not sure if they will do a conversion but worth a try
      01249 461665

      Amor omnia vincit et nos cedamus amori


        In general, you are all just ripped off, constantly....

        An example, over here our car is insured by me...THE CAR, everybody I lend it to, who has a valid driving licence, which I have to check, can drive daughter, my neighbour, any of you if I choose costs all the need for putting a second drivers name and all that rubbish...

        Licence plate does come from the state, but is given to me by the insurance company, which takes it back if I do not pay.....almost no uninsured vehicles on the road here...

        If a Fiat Doblo is just a Fiat Doblo to do the weekend shopping with, or if it is used as a commuter vehicle on a daily basis, or for getting the kids to school, or as a little camper van makes no difference....insurancewise...

        They tell you it's cheaper, and you have more choice.....the opposite is true...they ripp you off...

        Similar to the link here

        Not that I do think the above rant is helpful, but societies can learn...or should learn...
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          camper vans have cheaper insurance because the foolish insurers think you are only going to use it for a few weeks a year. and not at peak travel times, thats why it's cheaper. if they knew you /or me were going to do 15000 miles a year in it, it would not be cheaper. also you cannot use it for commuting as that would put it in the busy times and more likely to have a bad thing happen

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            Travel insurance should be more expensive for young people because they are more likely to take higher risks and also for elderly people because they are more likely to collapse somewhere and cheaper for...and so on....

            It is a way of arranging those things I deeply despise...see above link...


              I've seen A plan and Brentacre suggested for vans in conversion.


                Hope this is not too late to be of use:

                For insurance of a Trafic panel van bought at the beginning of October and to be converted to a motor caravan, I got my best price from the C&CC’s brokers “Club Care Insurance” who, along with Shield and others, are owned by Vantage:

                This policy allows 6 months for the conversion, and when complete the van has to be re-registered as a motor caravan by sending the V5 with photos showing the completed conversion to DVLA. At this point you also have to send the same evidence to Vantage and the cost of the conversion so that a new value of the converted van can be agreed. All insurers apply the same rules although some may be more flexible about the time allowed for the conversion process.
                There may be additional charges after completion of the conversion to cover the increased value of the motor caravan and/or issuing of revised policy documents.

                Shield were next lowest and Adrian Flux most expensive for similar cover.

                LV do not insure motor caravans directly but offer insurance for the same purpose of conversion to a motor caravan through brokers under the policy name of Highway.

                You are likely to find others if you search for “Insurance cover for conversion of a van to a motor caravan” on the web.

                Don’t forget to try the brokers listed on this forum.


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