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Cancelled my camper Insurance

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    Cancelled my camper Insurance

    I won't name the insurance company but not one on here, this is the story so far.

    My campervan tax, mot and insurance was due at around the same time, the tax and insurance I could do from home here online which I did but the mot of course I have to do in person, I decided to do the MOT around about march time to help cut down major outlay because she won't be used again until the middle of spring time, I would have still liked her to be insured even though she wasn't on the road and tucked up for the winter.

    Now remember Chitty is parked in a locked garage has an immobiliser fitted via the tracker, approved alarm system,and a live feed tracker that can activate the immobiliser at any movement or I can activate the immobiliser by command so, it also texts me if the camper is touched by doors open or she's moved.. She also has 2 additional steering wheel locks and a clutch pedal lock, I don't think I can do any more unless I remove the engine and take off all 4 wheels.

    Anyway I informed the insurance company that chitty won't be getting it's mot until around March time only to be told that I had to Sorn the vehicle or it won't be insured, a little peeved at this as I'd just taxed it. I went on line to Sorn chitty, I then got back in touch with insurance company to be told that she still won't be insured, now I'm angry at the mis-information I'm being told by this insurance company.
    So after being messed around and lied to by this insurance company I decided to cancel my policy with them, Why tell me to sorn it if they had no intentions of insuring me after taking my money, so I'll be looking for a new insurance company come the spring. Got my daughter to now park her car right up against the garage door to make things just a little more difficult for any would be thief.

    I didn't want to do it this way but looks like chitty will only be taxed and insured for 6 months of the year now. (Sad face) Moan over.
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    Jeff on principle I would lodge a formal complaint with the FCA - (Financial Conduct Authority) who regulate both insurance companies and insurance brokers, this would appear to be a clear case of breach of the TCF (treating the customer fairly) regulation. Give them all the info date and if you can approximate time of each phone call - the broker / insurance company will have recorded the call.

    You may find this gets resolved to your satisfaction - at the very least you will prevent someone else being given the same run-around. I know from my experience of being involved in running a credit union businesses regulated by the FCA will try where possible to resolve complaints before they reach the regulator stage - a simple error can result in 4 and 5 figure "fines" for the company.

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      I had a similar problem 3 years ago. I rang the insurance company (Staveley Head) to ask if the van would still be insured for theft if I SORNed it, because if it isn't I might as well cancel it for the winter. (it's in a garage at home for the winter) the very strange answer I got was I'd have to ask the road tax office! I said you're the insurance company you should be able to tell me if I'm insured!... Was like talking to a lamp post, gave up after asking a few times.


        It sounds to me like the 'van can't be insured unless it has a current MOT certificate. I remember reading somewhere that a vehicle insurance is invalid if the vehicle isn't MOT'd, but I thought that was just in the case of an accident whilst on the road, in which case it would need to be taxed as well to be road legal.


          I got fed up with insurance companies telling me that my vehicle MUST be insured if it is off the road and SORNd. What a load of xxxxxxxxxxxx. If I choose to park my vehicle on my drive uninsured, that is my business. I asked them if all the abandoned tractors and cars on farm land are insured. They just repeated that my car must be insured at all times and in all places and in all circumstances whilst I own it. I went elsewhere for my insurance. I have had good advice and policies from the insurers mentioned on the SMH site.
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            I'm insured with AIB and have SORN on my van since the beginning of December. Before I did it I rang and checked that it would still be insured and they simply rang me to confirm that it would.

            All very straightforward. No questions from them about MOT or anything


              My little suzuki is sat on the drive right this minute , mot'd last nov , it's fully insured till april , and on sorn . A quick phone call would instantly make it fully legal for the road , leaving me to just refit the battery before use , very handy , should my car develop a problem . I've been doing this for year's without any problem's , the van only spend's 6 month's of the year on the road .

              In complete contrast my motorhome is fully tax'd , insured , and mot'd . However it also has both battery's removed for servicing , and storage , it's also a very useful security measure .


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