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    I think that so long as you tell the insurer that it is a Romahome campervan then you will be OK, irrespective of what the V5 says. Any self respecting insurer will know that a Romahome is not a plain van but a motorhome. As "all calls are recorded and monitored for security and training purposes" they will not be able to claim that you tried to insure it as a van and not as a motorhome. Just tell them it is a Romahome R20 Campervan, let them give you a quote, if that is acceptable pay it, then orff you jolly well go, as Jimbo would say.
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      Thanks Gasgas. Yes they are aware of it being a camper, and say I am covered but only if i can confirm it hasn't been 'modified from the manufacturers specifications'. As far as i can see there are two manufacturers at play here... Citroen and Romahome. Obviously it is vastly modified from the original Berlingo, but not modified if it was originally registered by Romahome. That's where I'm a bit lost.


        The insurers are referring to modifications from the Romahome spec as you have confirmed it is now a campervan rather than a commercial vehicle. I added a roof vent to mine which is classified as a modification, but no additional charge on the premium (£175 with Adrian Flux for a 2005 van and 10k miles).


          Hi NomadHare, I think your main problem may stem from dealing with (Esure) a company who (from looking at their website) are not a specialist Motorhome / campervan insurer. I have always used specialist insurers for my vans and so far as a modifacation goes my insurers do not stress if it does not make it faster. So when, last December, I telephoned Advance Insurance to say the front of my van had been modified - from standard HiJet to MiniDub look there was no extra charge - this year I am with Adrian Flux and once again the modified front end is not an issue (or more importantly) costing me an excess.
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            Thanks Jon. I guess my reason to try and stay as I am is that the quotes I was given from Adrian Flux and one other specialist was almost 3 times what I pay!! Had I done my research before I bought I may not have gone ahead as I can't really afford it in terms of regular out-goings.

            I have now been given conflicting responses from Romahome themselves. One response says that once the van is registered with a motorhome body then Romahome are considered the manufacturer (and therefore there is no 'modification from manufacturers specifications'), but a second employee replied unknowingly to the first to say I must insure with a specialist! It doesn't get any less confusing

            Thanks for everyone's input


              You're insuring it as a Romahome, therefore it isn't modified from its Romahome spec. If you were insuring it as a commercial vehicle - then yes it would be modified, but it's been so greatly modified that it is no longer a commercial vehicle. I pay £175 with Adrian Flux and most quotes were a similar figure although some ranged up to £400. Motorhome insurance is generally cheaper than commercial vehicle, but the policies tend to be more restrictive, ie lower mileage allowance (mine is 10k).


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