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AIB Insurance send a letter to our local MP.

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    AIB Insurance send a letter to our local MP.


    Whilst we don't generally like to post, with rumors of the government increasing Insurance Premium Tax again, we sent an open letter to our MP. We feel passionately that continually increasing the tax on socially positive motor & home insurance acts as a disincentive to buy, hits the poorest hardest:

    Many Thanks

    AIB Insurance
    02380 268351

    Well said and well done. Increasing insurance costs just makes people not buy it. To run a car you just need to buy it for cash, get some false plates off ebay and run it. You don't need road tax or insurance. You will never be caught unless for some strange reason you encounter one of the three policemen we have left. If you choose to copy the number plate off another model the same as the one you have bought, even the computerised cameras won't catch you. The more expensive insurance is, the more people will manage without it.
    suivez l'aventure


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