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    Go compare are trying to break my head. I've committed an ERROR. ​​​​​​
    Rometta the re-body high top is still registered as a 2004 van. So I have to lie about modufucations. Gonna be a long one. Maybe my existing renewal at £230 is not to be sneezed at. But we are encouraged to look for competitive premiums​​​​​​. So here goes.....

    Don't lie. The reason you take out insurance is in case you need it. If you need it, it's usually because you've had a prang. If you've had a prang they send assessors out. Assessors are trained to sniff out discrepancies and report them back to the insurance company, who will then use them to wriggle out of paying.
    Would you rather pay £230 in premiums and get a semi decent payout if your van gets trashed, or pay £225 and get nothing?
    Just my take on it.
    Away with the Fairies


      Try Adrian Flux - they seem to know all about campers, self made and standard, and modifications and so on... so you can mention the mods, etc, and if you mention you're a member of the Small Motorhome &Friends, you get an extra discount.


        John Morecroft I agree with Voyageuse and jayjay
        1. Do not lie your insurance will be invalid if you need to claim - and it could result in a criminal charge against you: fraud - insurance obtained by deception: driving while uninsured.
        2. Do not go to people like - go compare - the meerkat people or the bull dog one - use a broker who specialises in motorhomes / camper vans - with Adrian Flux or some other specialist brokers you will talk to a real person and he or she will be used to dealing with modified vehicles.

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