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Insurance query

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    Insurance query

    Hi There,
    I have a 97 autosleeper symphony campervan that has been having all sorts of electrical problems leading it to cut out intermittently after various investigations the auto electrician believes it is a problem with a valve which is linked to the immobiliser when this is disconnected or disabled the van works when its connected we get the problem reoccurring randomly, we have searched for a replacement valve with no luck so the auto electrician suggests disabling the immobiliser valve thing and fitting an after market immobiliser instead. So is this likely to impact on my insurance? My Current insurance documents state that there are no security features like trackers etc I wasn't aware it had an immobiliser then (although I presume its a factory setting one but its had a few owners so would have no idea how I would know ) so wouldn't have declared it in the same way that I wouldn't have declared other parts of the engine that I have no knowledge of nor was I specifically asked if it had one. Obviously if I get an after market immobiliser I will declare that as a modification as necessary.
    But will I be able to be insured if the immobiliser that I didn't know I had is replaced with an aftermarket version or will this make my premiums go up massively the insurers are shut until Tuesday and the auto elec can potentially do the work next week so am trying to glean some answers so I can decide what to do.

    Hi there and welcome to the forum

    To be honest I think with any specific questions re insurance such as this, the only safe answer is to ask your insurers. Each insurance company has its own policy and things that one insurance won't make an issue out of, another will, and vice versa.

    But, if the insurers have in fact taken the factory fitted immobiliser into account in calculating your premium, I guess it depend exactly what aftermarket product the engineer replaces it with. Some systems are better than others (and cost more). Your insurers may want to know the exact product spec and what its rating is, so they can assess whether it's as good as the original one, or better, or not as good.

    Sorry that's not very helpful is it...
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      I think if your auto electrician is going to fit a Thatcham approved immobiliser you will be OK - if he was to fit what is basically no more than a relay then the insurance company will not like it.

      It may cost you a little more, but why not ask your auto electrician to fit a Thatcham Approved Alarm system that incorporates an immobiliser - you get peace of mind and you should get a reduction in your insurance premiums. But the alarm must be Thatcham Approved this is an article about Thatcham Approval and rating

      This advert gives you an idea about prices - I have a Cobra and they are good.
      For a camper the auto spark will need to do some mods so you can immobilise the engine while not alarming the vehicle - nothing is simple

      Be aware there are cheaper alarms around but not all are Thatcham Approved and for insurance purposes no good (although they may be very good).

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