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NU Venture Surf advice please

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    NU Venture Surf advice please

    Hello, I'm looking at possibly buying a 2004 Surf with 95k on the clock.

    Anything I should be aware of, on the lookout for?

    Also, I took it for a quick test drive and found it a bit sluggish. I felt it struggled to get to 50mph. Is this just how they are or a possible sign of an issue with the engine? It's a 1.9 model.


    I presume that you are talking about a Citroen Berlingo being the base vehicle. Mine is a 2006 model and whilst it is not a rocket it drives like I would expect with the additional weight caused by the habitation load.

    I see from an earlier post that you was enquiring about value/price. I paid circa £15k for mine in September 2019 and was offered £21k for it during lockdown.
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      Maybe you should look at Martinez thread Working on my 2001 Nu Venture He has done a lot of work on his Surf addressing many issues.

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        Moi ? If it’s the 1.9 non turbo the naught to sixty time is in days I’m afraid. Very good on fuel though. If it’s got a turbo, I’d suspect a problem.
        The first Surf I drove was a non turbo. I found it sluggish, but the road ahead will always be clear, that’s cos of the queue behind you


          I would get an AA vehicle inspection done before buying it.

          It's expensive (you get a discount if you're in the AA) , but worth it for the peace of mind, especially if the vehicle is approaching 20 years old.

          Don't get romanced away by the habitation unit, because it's going nowhere without a reliable engine and bodywork. I found that out the hard way with my first campervan!


            sounds like my 2003 1.9 surf you get used to it
            if you use the gears right it will go down "the struggle" a road in the lake district and up the mountain on the other side so pretty reliable
            no I'm not gonna do it again and I don't reccomend it but my satnav hates me


              My 1.9 based Romahome has adequate power, it will cruise on the motorway at 70, you need to anticipate hills though and change down early and work the gears



                Thanks all 😊


                  I believe the 1.9 is a non turbo diesel giving around 70HP (The C15 1.8 is 60HP) so I doubt the performance will be sparkling. Berlingo based Romahomes like my '03 Outlook often have the hdi engines. The 90HP 2.0L has plenty of get up and go and is well able to keep up with modern motorway conditions. I hear the later 1.6hdi is as good if not better.
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