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Foot rest/bed extension thingies

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    Foot rest/bed extension thingies

    As I’ve replaced my front seats for newer ones, I can’t fit the bed extensions in behind the new seat very well. Not and keep the legroom I need. So I’m thinking of fitting them so they fold up instead of down. That way they can become part of the seating at the front end, like a small backrest. If you get my meaning. So anybody got any ideas of something I could buy to do the job ?
    A simple hinge will not suffice as it needs to also raise it to above the base cushion level. In effect it will need to hinge and extend. Locking it in place shouldn’t be a problem, it’s the hinging sliding bit I need.
    Any ideas of a sensible nature greatly appreciated

    On our 2002 Duo Martinez on either side of the van, behind the seats are two squared off brackets

    On each end of the bed extension (actually for about a foot each side) is a corresponding square length of metal (like a one inch box section) attached to the bacj if the bed extension and they fit into the open fronted square bracket. To use as an extension, you lift the bed support and lay it flat in position so that the next "plane" sits in the bracket without
    Dropping down or twisting

    To have it in the upright, just lift it, twist the bed support upright and slot it back in the squared bracket

    Took me ages to figure out how to use it

    Sorry only got the phone so no pics

    We are currently camping so no mod cons like PC

    Hope that makes sense
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      That’s very useful Sandra. Enjoy your stay and perhaps someone else on here has some pictures to assist.
      Sounds like just the sort of thing I need


        I’m completely at a loss to picture any of this this ! … Martinez do you have photos of what it was like before and how it’s different now , so we can see what you’re aiming at pls ? … xxx


          No pictures sorry, and can’t seem to find any on tinternet either. Basically, it was like a small drop down table with a cushion on it. Folded down during travel, then you just lifted it up and there was a support underneath which folded out to support it.
          Anyone with a Surf will know what originals looked like, but I can’t use them as I’ve got bigger seats fitted now.
          Im thinking what Sandra suggested might be the best solution, or my version of it anyway. So if I make up some brackets with tubes going vertical and horizontal, I can also make something that slots into it in either direction. I’m in no mad rush with this part as worst possible scenario is I’ll have to sleep with my feet hanging over the end. Something the Memsahib won’t have an issue with.
          Regardless, I’m still open to ideas and pictures would be good too


            Could you just shorten the bed extension that you have in some way? Do you need the whole length of it. Do your new seats slide forwards towards the dash to accommodate the extra length of the extension. I bet you've thought of all of these, but thought I would just mention it.

            What about just having a small folding table at the end of your side of the bed..., cushion on top.. something like a small tv table. It would be useful during the day as well.


              At 6.30 minutes into this video. How to set the bed up in a Surf.


              Would it be possible just to take the hinged bit off the end, so just the flip up bit remains... would that be long enough?
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                What a lovely unit!


                  Just watched the video, it’s a lot of faffing about to make the bed up. Don’t think I would swap it for mine.


                    Martinez, why not try with your feet dangling over the end … I get sore heals and ankles, and the first time I tried sleeping in my car I couldn’t rig up my bed as long as I wanted it and my feet were so much more comfortable just left to dangle … I found it an improvement ! …. you might like it too … xxx


                      Ok, so watched the video. Reminded me of Harry Green. Even when it’s all going a bit Pete Tong just carry on talking positive eh.
                      Anyway, that setup is pretty much what was already fitted to mine. Except the extension on mine is much shorter. That looks to be because they’ve nicked more area for the kitchen and toilet. Those seats he has are the same model as mine, but I don’t need all that messing about with removing headrests and sliding the seats forwards. I can just press the lever and fold the seats forwards. I think that’s the compromise with gaining extra space at the rear. As for the idea of ‘a little table’, it’s not much use there is it ?
                      Sorry, but I have a sheer hatred of sales patter. But it does show how it’s done.
                      Sandra’s description seems to be something different though so I’m intrigued. Perhaps (hopefully) they’ve come up with a better system ? I have to agree with Fluff16 on that one.
                      Thanks for the link Jayjay, but I’ll be passing on that design. The extension used to have the cushion fitted on mine and tucked in behind the seat when folded down. New seats are I think a little taller but also deeper so with the cushion fitted, I’m squashed up against the wheel.
                      What I’d like is a cushion that forms the bed extension, and can be fitted vertically as an armrest/backrest perpendicular to the backrests of the bench seats.
                      I was hoping there might be a sort of sliding folding hinge thingy (sorry about the technical jargon) that would achieve my goal. But so far I’ve not found one.
                      As for sleeping without the extension Didne, I’m afraid it’s not an option. I have circulation issues that require proper support.
                      Or as my mates say, ‘he never gets a bloody round in’.
                      Thanks for all the ideas and efforts so far, but who will be my Percival and find the Holy Grail for me ? Cos I can’t find it !


                        Sliding folding hinge thingy ?

                        loose pin hinges ?

                        like this fellow uses with cotter pins ?


                        ive absolutely no idea if this is the sort of thing you after so apologies if it’s not …
                        youre safe to put it on mute you won’t miss anything


                          It’s an idea Didne. But don’t think it’ll work for my needs ta.
                          That guy does realise that a guitar flight case bolted to the roof won’t keep his stuff dry ?


                            Depending on how much room you have in the front, The idea I gave you from our van Martinez might work as a backrest too. Ours is currently fixed in the "upright" position because I got fed up trying to lift and twist the damned thing on my own (I usually sort the bed out when John goes over for his nightly ablution ​​​​​​)

                            Because it only adds a few inches to our bed it isn't worth the hassle for me but actually if it was deeper (taller that is) it would act as a back support with a cushion against it.

                            The squared off bracket together with the boxed metal works very simply and very well. Once in its square slot it cannot move unless lifted and turned into the new position so would take weight against it

                            With the box fitting i would think it's possible to turn it all the way so that the extension faces down out of the way.

                            Sorry i cant give a pic. I took one on my phone yesterday but can't figure out how to post it in here


                              IMG_20220521_203525.jpg Martinez DID IT. Yay!!

                              ​​​​​​​The silver square "bar" is attached to the bed extension and slots firmly into that squared cup/bracket thingy
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