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The one to beat

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    The one to beat

    When The Roma Club issued its challenge to find the Romahome (or its predecessor Island Plastics), vehicle that had travelled the furthest from its factory on the Isle of Wight it didn’t know what stories would unfold.

    And what a story to lead into our 25th Anniversary year. How about 1,168 miles, as the crow flies, to Iceland in a 19 year old van with an 81 year old driver and 76 year old navigator? The Island Plastics ‘Suntrekker’ module is currently mounted on a 10 year old Ford Ranger pick up, but Wilf Tyler and wife Jill were still on their original legs when they walked the valley at VVarmalid and the Pingvellir National Park .

    So who can beat that? Remember, for this challenge we want the furthest travelled from Cowes on the Isle of Wight .

    Our other quest is for the oldest Island Plastics/Romahome vehicle still in use, lots of entries for this and pre 1985 vehicles will be in the running. Look out for further news.

    For the full story of the Iceland trip go to:

    (With my Publicity Officer for Roma Club hat on.)

    Well done Wilf and Jill.

    Well, the story of this trip to Iceland makes me feel like a wimp. The furthest I have been in my Romahome is Inverness and I thought I was doing well getting that far.
    I have been to Iceland though, in the comfort of an aeroplane and with a coach and new hotel waiting at the other end. Having said that, I'm not really one for what I call 'herded' holidays. I suppose we are all the same - that's why we have camper vans.
    However I loved the country. The whole time I was there I thought how wonderful it would be to be there with my own transport. In my case though- not very old transport. I'm full of admiration for Wilf and Jill and their undertaking. B


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