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Latest Roma Club member flies in

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    Latest Roma Club member flies in



    Private pilot Bob Woolford has decided to spread his wings – by trading in his plane for a motorhome.

    Bob, a former part-time air traffic controller at Sandown and Bembridge Airport on the Isle of Wight, almost gave up flying when a runaway plane struck him five years ago, causing serious injuries.

    After five weeks in hospital and a further six months convalescing, his wife, Margaret, has decided she doesn’t want to fly any more so Bob (57) is going to see more of the world by driving to his destinations rather than dropping in on them.

    “When you arrive at places by aeroplane you are either stuck on the airport or have to find transport,” said Bob. “Our new Romahome R25, made close to where we live on the Isle of Wight, will give us much more freedom to get where we want to be.

    Bob says that, apart from other running costs, fuel approaching £2 a litre and consuming 38 litres an hour meant his Piper Cherokee was becoming expensive to keep in the air. But his Romahome should go much further for the same money, making it easier to see the world.

    “The R25 has been adapted with wheelchair ramps at the Cowes factory and they have also installed a television for me but otherwise it was already perfect for what I want.

    Andrew Harris, of The Romahome Centre in Southampton, said that during several years in the motor trade he had never been asked to part exchange a plane before, although he had once taken a longboat in a motorhome deal.

    Bob won’t be losing the link with his plane entirely, though. Its call sign was G-ATVS and the number on his new Romahome is B7 TVS - but at least his travel costs won’t be sky high any more.

    And Bob’s first action after collecting his van was to join the Roma Club, so he will be getting a friendly wave from any of the hundreds of members he sees, not something he was used to in the skies.

    Caption: Bob Woolford receives the keys to his new Citroen-based Romahome R25 from Andrew Harris of the Romahome Centre.

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