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Phew. What a scorcher.

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    Phew. What a scorcher.

    I know , I know, I know what a crummy header.
    But it was true today, even if the Sun Newspaper got in
    first, the sun above us certainly made its presence felt in
    Marsworth at the Steam Rally today (Sunday).
    It's a great 'local' rally with all the usual engines, cars and stalls.
    I've been going there for more years than I can remember,
    certainly before I had my own organ.
    Why is this post in the 'Roma Club Chat box I expect you wonder?
    Well it is because we had a quorum of three members there today.
    I had just started unloading the Renault, when a voice inquired -
    "Where's your Romahome?"
    It was Allan and Brenda Home.
    They were pitched up right opposite me.
    I was really surprised as I didn't realise they lived in Tring which
    is 'just up the road' from Marsworth.
    I love these steam events, but there is one drawback -
    I never get to see everything when I am playing. Being on your
    own means I cannot leave the organ and stuff unattended while
    I look around. I especially can't leave my Macmillan collecting bucket
    which today got progressively heavier as the day got hotter.
    I've also got used to playing cross-legged until a friend passes by and
    allows me to visit the 'little boys room'. Today I guess I went eight
    hours without a pee, but I expect that was due to the heat and not drinking?
    Of course, the other snag with playing alone is that there
    is no one to take my photo at the organ.
    A barrel organs life is one long grind?

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