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R20 Hylo Mpg.

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    R20 Hylo Mpg.

    Hi all,
    Just done our first trip in our recently aquired 2008 1.6 Hdi 90 Bhp Hylo.

    Had a week in Cornwall and absolutely gobsmacked buy just how well this thing works.

    The cherry on the cake was that I brim to brim checked the Mpg over the 1,000 miles that we covered and it returned 45 Mpg, unbeliveable and thats fully loaded and not hanging about. Not only that but very relaxing to drive due to the engine characteristics.

    Very, very impressed.


    The mpg is brilliant isn't it. We used to get 45 - 50mpg in our 2005 Hylo.

    Definitely a bonus!
    Moya :)


      Hi Geoff,
      Glad you had a good time, I have an 04 outlook, and I get the same sort of milage, they are very good little vehicles.
      Now you just have to personalise it and buy all those useful gizmos.
      Have loads of fun and I look forward to seeing you at a rally.

      Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


        I am also impressed with mpg in my 2005 Duo Hylo - am getting between 45 and 50mpg.

        Took me a while to get used to driving a diesel camper having previously mainly driven nippy sport cars. Although no longer the first away from the lights, I tell myself, what’s the rush, and sit back and enjoy a relaxing drive without having to constantly keep an eye out for speed traps ;).

        Anyway, when overtaken by nippy sport cars I now shout out (in my mind only) "Aaaah, but you can't cook and comfortably sleep in it........"

        Cheers, Terry.


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