Friday and as planned roma got her ns swinging arm bearings changed, all went to plan except the brake pipe sheared off and had to make a new one allso the brake shoes are low that side and the wheel cylinder has leaked so thats the next job rear shoes and cylinders changed. How this had a mot last may god only knows the tester must have got to work with help from his guide dog . Well when ive done with her she will be a much better and safer roma and to think we did nearly 500 miles recently . Now a rep came in today and i asked him about spring clamps to change the springs and low and behold he produced a new sealey book and in there are three types of clamp to do it, one a hydraulic type goes up to a tonne and two ratchet types two and a quarter and two and a half tonne load . I drove roma home and she glided down the road with no wheels rubbing and no bump stops hitting what a difference changing the arm bearings and fitting spring assisters makes. Regards Michael.