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Thank you to Ant

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    Thank you to Ant

    Hi All,

    I am trying to sort out an electric problem which first showed as the fridge not working on hook up. After having three trips to an experienced electrician and phone calls with Ant I now know that there is a break in the circuit.

    I wanted to say how lucky we are to have Ant on the forum for questions and answers. Also that he is the most helpful mechanic I have ever spoken to.

    There has been so many times on the forum when someone or other mentions there problem solved thanks to Ant. I am certain that from now on I will be so relieved to be able to take the jobs that need doing on the van to Bristol. Excellent service, even when I live in Shetland!

    Thanks Ant,


    I'm pleased to see that you have the problem solved.
    It's nice to see someone getting recognition for the help they have given to members of this forum.


      I couldn't agree more Ant is an absolute star not only when you visit him for a service or a problem with the van but also he gives free advice on the forum and is VERY knowledgeable on all Romahome matters.

      I was so pleased when he agreed to be our resident expert on the forum.

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        Thank You.


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