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Best MPG/ value 4money 4solo camper

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    Best MPG/ value 4money 4solo camper

    I have fallen in love with the roma home and am planning on getting one around this time next year so myself and pooch sam can tour europe. i am looking to spend around £3000-£4000i know that isnt a massive budget but has any one got any advice on best motor homes for MPG? I would like a romahome but if there is something out there that does better petrol wise then i need to consider. i have got plenty time to do my research and would really appreciate any advice.

    Thank you jenna x

    Hi Jenna and welcome to the forum!

    £3-4,000 will get you a nice little Citroen romahome! I think the diesel ones are pretty good on fuel economy too. The only thing you need to consider is if you can do without powered steering with a heavy diesel engine, as the older ones don't have it. Good luck with your hunting!

    BTW, best time to buy is at the end of this season, around the end of September onwards, and store until next year. All MH's start going up and up in price after Easter.


      Hi Jenna welcome to the forum.

      We used to get around 40-45 mpg from our C15 Romahome.

      I agree with Jayjay its worth getting one with power steering if your budget will stretch to it.
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        We reckon our Outlook does approx 40 - 45 per gallon, which is pretty good going considering the weight it carries, especially going up and down hills and extra acceleration ! We do have the power steering which, according to my husband is brilliant, but it is an 05 reg and a lot more than £4000. But it was worth the extra. We liked the romahome because it was just enough for the two of us, compact, good on fuel, great to use as an everyday motor. (just need to watch out for height barriers in car parks etc.

        We bought ours in the October (began using it in April). Kept an eye on the Romahome/Freeborne web site to see what was available..There are plenty of romahomes around in the private sector but we opted to buy from a reputable Company but even so look on the Roma Club website/Small motorhome for private sales Even Ant our technical advisor is from Avon Caravans (Very helpful man, they sell Romahomes). They have a website too..

        Hark at me harping on plugging the romahome!! I want commission

        Good luck on your hunt anyway and hope you find what you are looking for


          Originally posted by Graham View Post
          I agree with Jayjay its worth getting one with power steering if your budget will stretch to it.
          Welcome to the forum. If you are already used to power steering you will probably find a Romahome without it very heavy. Last year I tried a HiLow without the power steering and it was just too much, even though I had only had a car with power steering for 4 years. Also the raising roof on the older C15's is a bit heavy to push up, (especially if you are vertically challenged like me).

          Best of luck with your search and definitely take your time and try to get some test drives in different models.


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