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Mould in cupboards

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    Mould in cupboards

    Has anyone else been plagued by black mould in their cupboards? I know better ventilation would help, but having taken the trouble to paint the cupboards with anti mould kitchen & bathroom paint, I'm not sure what else to do. Any suggestions anyone please would be gratefully received/ Thanks

    Squirt 'em with Dettol Anti mildew and Mould remover... leave for half an hour, wipe off. Watch out for the fumes, it's really powerful stuff!

    Also a good idea would be to install a few ventillation holes, you can buy things like this really cheaply. I know these are for floors, but actually they would be ok covering a small hole in the side of a cupboard or locker as well.
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      something elase that is 100% effective is kettle descourer - it contains either citric or formic acid, this will kill all fungi. Spray ,leave 30 mins wipe out.
      Fungal spores can be difficult if they get into cracks and crevices, A chlorine based bleach allowed to vaporize in the cupboard will kill them.
      Come to that Chlorine will also shift most growing mycelia.
      Ventilation is the answer,all fungi need moist air.
      hope this helps
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        Yes great thanks Jayjay & Ian

        I was thinking about one of the "spiders web" vents. But will certainly give the kettle scourer a go. Gets messy the black mould though, doesn't it, when you try and wash it off

        P.S. thought you might tell me to stop breathing this time Jayjay - couldn't manage to give up eating and gently perspiring for the flys




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