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Advice needed........

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    Advice needed........

    If I have put this in the wrong section then please forgive me as I am a newbie.....
    Now then....
    Good morning all,
    I have just purchased a 1987 citroen c15 romahome.
    It cost me £2000 so I wasn't expecting it to be concourse.
    As I expected and as you expect, it has quite a corrosion issue.
    The last MOT had advisories on the corrosion underneath.
    Money is not an issue to a point, I have another £2000 to throw in to it.
    I want to get new cills, maybe floors welded on.
    The windscreen needs taking out and corrosion sorting around the seal.
    I will get a new bonnet and doors.
    There is some corrosion around the door pillars and the rest is just superficial rust patches.
    What I am looking for is a competent welder who is up to the job and willing to carry out the bodywork for me.
    I can do all the mechanical side of things without a problem.
    I live in West Yorkshire, so anywhere reasonably local would be ideal and preferable.
    Thank you in advance and lets get this little c15 looking like it should.
    I have just driven her 300 miles from Bournemouth to Bradford in stormy conditions and she never missed a beat.
    She deserves a bit of TLC and the wife is looking forward to giving her a makeover inside the pod, but she is not doing anything until we know it can be repaired to a good/ safe standard.
    The bulkhead seems okay, but the footwell is damp.......

    Best thing to do re. Welding is to go by personal recommendation. Ask around your local area for a garage that does welding. Next best bet, put into a search on Google.

    Here's a C15 breaking.... could ask them about bonnet and doors... they are rare to find.

    Not sure if this is the right model though.


      THats the newer model than mine.
      I think there is a place is castleford that do all the panels new.
      I thought I might ask on here first, as well as ask around my local area ;-)


        I have talked to a guy in Leeds who does classic car restoration.
        I am going to see him on Friday to have an assessment and see what we can do.


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