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C15 HyLo Romahome.

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    C15 HyLo Romahome.

    Hi All,
    Im a newbie to the forum and as yet haven't got a camper. I was a caravan owner for several years when our
    children were younger but have aways had a soft spot for the C15 HyLo Romahome. I am now retired and bought
    a Fiat Doblo with the intention of a conversion for sleeping and camping. To date it has been commandeered as
    granddaughter transport and the only conversion has been a childseat which has scuppered any plans I had for it.
    I have been looking at the possibilities of a C15 but have been somewhat put off by two points I have read about
    this vehicle on the forum and elsewhere. ie: No power steering which I have come to think all vehicle should have
    these days, and the other rather worrying revelation 'Brake pedals that go down to floorboards without much effect
    on stopping the vehicle'. Is this a general view? as I can't understand why IP would continue to build on a chassis
    that was obviously not up to the job intended of it.
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    Welcome to the forum, you'll find lots of expert advice on here.

    Power steering depends on what year C15 you are looking at I think I am right in saying that the later models were fitted with power steering and all the berlingo models have it.

    As regards brakes, I can only speak for the C15 we had the brakes were very poor and I have heard others say the same, again the Berlingo models were much better in this respect.
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      Hi LukeinEA and welcome to the forum


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