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Report on Recent French Trip

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    Report on Recent French Trip

    I suspect all experienced Romahomers would know not to attempt a French tour during the first two weeks of August!

    That said, we had a great (if not crowded) couple of weeks during which time I kept a blog highlighting the highs and lows (mostly highs) of our trip that stretched from Normandy, down the west coast to the Bordeaux area (and beyond).

    We learned a great deal that we can apply to future trips that may be of general interest. It's available here.....

    We went to France once in August because our son had important exams and we didn't want to take him out of school during term time and we vowed never to do it again, it was a complete nightmare, after going to France in June before when we went in August it seemed like a different place.

    Great blog, thanks for sharing.
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      I have just read this year's blog and the 2008 Portugal one. What great trips. You brought back memories of a package holiday I had to the Algarve a few years ago, and can confirm that area is very touristy and you don't see the real Portugal there, but as in Spain, away from the Package Tour places it seems a different country and the people are so friendly and helpful.

      Reading your blog makes me want to be more courageous and take the Romahome abroad. I have driven a lot in Spain in a hire car and it was a doddle, but then the steering wheel is on the correct side.


        Martin & Chrissy

        Enjoyed the blog of the trip, you were brave going in early August.
        We're off Saturday for a week on Le Shuttle,as hate the rough ferry crossings.
        We love using Municipal sites, cheap, and as we don't need a bar or a pool, ideal for us.
        Will also give the ACSI card a bashing as it is now becoming low season. At maximum 15 euros with electric and showers.
        Keep meaning to do a blog of the trips but never get round to it, and as for what region, who knows, we'll suck it and see.
        Are you getting lots of attention from the French with the van?

        Tony Anchorman
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          I enjoyed reading your holiday blog.
          Can't wait to do the same - just have to buy the campervan first!


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