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Hylo or Outlook?

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    Hylo or Outlook?

    I'm weighing up the pros and cons of R20 Hylo (not duo) v Outlook romahomes. From the untrained eye, the only difference seems to be that the Outlook has a bit more storage. What would your preference be and why?

    I've seen a Hylo I like but wouldn't want to make a mistake if the Outlook is so much better.

    Pros and cons

    We weighed up the storage space v parkability arguement for some time before purchasing. Two things led us to go for the outlook. The first is the significant extra space for storage. I really can't imagine how we would be able to do three week trips without being able to take all the bits and bobs that we need. (Granted not all are essentials, such as guitar, chairs and table etc.!)

    Secondly its the feeling of space you get with the larger model (particularly for me as a six footer).

    It would be nice to be able to creep under a two meter height limit, but you can't have everything.

    The width, length and height of the R20 outlook seems to me to be perfectly balanced. There is of course no magic answer, it all depends on what is important to you. With us it really is the space.


      We had a 2001 HyLo Plus, and that word "Plus" was very significant.

      The Plus models had the option of two extra rear passenger seats which could be taken out and the rear bench seats extended with storage boxes in their place. With the seats removed and stored away (as we did) there was a much larger space behind the front seats (courtesy of the rear passenger footwells) than in the non-Plus versions.

      This extra volume swallowed loads of gear. We stashed -

      the awning
      the silver screen
      two folding camp chairs
      two levelling ramps
      an oil filled radiator
      bike panniers
      spare thermos flasks
      bike water bottles
      etc etc.

      When the time came to consider a newer 'van, we looked at a current (2008) outlook, expecting to find increased storage due to the permanent space in the luton. We actually found that what we gained there was compensated by the loss of space behind the front seats.

      We ended up with a Dimension R30, but that's another story

      We do now miss the "parkability" of the HyLo. With a full height 'van we constantly have to remind ourselves about car park height barriers, which appear on seemingly every attractive picnic area, town car park, park and ride facilities and so on. Very frustrating.

      As to what can be loaded into a HyLo

      just don't go near a weighbridge



        Could have a problem with a lift up roof in winds or in winter due to poor insulation.

        We have a 2007 Outlook hitop and we use it all year round. No problems with space or storage.



          My bought from new 2006 HyLo's main attribute for me is that it fits into my garage (I have to reverse in as the up and over door wont close if I go in front first). It is also easy to drive as a car (less windage) and though it will fit under a lot of barriers I find I dont need this feature all that often. We have an eberspacher heater and this keeps it warm in winter.

          We tend to travel light as I dont like filling the passageway up with lots of clobber that has to be moved. Having said that my wife and I spent two weeks in France this summer with our folding Brompton bikes. This was still do-able as we just put the bikes on the front seats when we wanted to sit in the cabin.


            I had a C14 Hytop years 10 years ago, for about 2 years and that was good for storage, with the long lockers on each side, but I had to change to a car.

            Last year, with my sister we bought a Hylo Duo plus, but the roof was very heavy to lift and it was difficult to tuck the folds into place along the sides when lowering the roof. But Songbird and I are less than 5ft tall. You would need to insulate the canvas in cold weather by making removable inserts.

            I wanted the Hylo to be able to park in town centre multi story car parks but unfortunately Poole seems to have the lowest ones around and most were inaccessible. The good point was I could get in the surface car park in the centre of town whereas the Hytop is half an inch too tall.

            Since January we have had a Hytop Duo Plus, we run it with full lockers on the offside and one passenger seat on the nearside. The cupboards on each side are very useful compared to the narrow shelf each side on the Hylo. We have the toilet option so have lost the cupboard under the sink. So far we have only been away 4 days and have had spare storage capacity.

            Being short the driver's seat is fully forward so there is a lot of space between it and the full locker. We have discarded the long heavy table in favour of 2 square light folding tables and carry the tables and 2 folding chairs behind the front seats as well as a silver screen, small bucket and bowl.

            I hope you find this useful.


              Thanks for all of your replies. Hadn't even heard of the plus version before. This or the outlook is definitely what we need as my other half is 6"2 and he won't like having to sleep all crumpled up. It's back to the drawing board I guess but hopefully not for long...


                Our Outlook is the pullman version with the seats in the back that face each other. We often carry one or two passengers in the back. Ours also has hot water and I wouldnt bother with that again although the diesel heating for the van is good. I have written a post about modifying the drivers seat to allow me to sleep on that side (I am over 6ft tall). Another advantage of the pullman version is the large heki rooflight that allow me to stand up in the middle of the van


                  We had a C15 Hylo for three years and loved the car park accessibility of it. We decided to use our Romahome as a main car, so decided to buy a newer one. We were all set on a newer Hylo, but found that the Berlingo Hylo's have far less storage. After much deliberation, we settled on the Outlook, but know that we've made some sacrifices in place of storage, but we do have the very useful toilet option.
                  On the plus side, we've had our Outlook since May last year, and have had nearly 70 nights away. Since we both work full time, we're very pleased!


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