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Old body on new van

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    Old body on new van

    i have the opportunity an old romahome, the camper on it is in fair condition, just a few bits need doing, but the van side of it is totally rotted out.

    has anyone ever transferred the camper onto a newer van?

    what is involved?

    Hi CC and welcome to the forum. There's been quite a number of such transformations over the years, somebody who knows how will probably be along quite soon! ;)

    I know you're going to need -
    a newer van - (flat sided, tailgated?), pretty much the same shape and size
    a couple of leg steadies and a bolt undooer

    And that's all I know! LOL!

    Perhaps Grahm or Pauleen could import some of the tech stuff from discussions on the old site?


      As has beren mentioned a few times here it can be done but Romahome and a number of other places reckon that it is not wise because the camper shell and van are stuck together so well that it is nigh on impossible to get all the old van off the shell without doing damage. Over the last 18 months there have been a number of 'Romahomes for sale on Ebay that are newer vans with older camper shells but being sold at the newer Romahome price. I would think that if you went ahead that for insurance purposes you would need an engineers report to prove that you have done the job properly. (A number of years ago I built a Jiffy romahome very similar to the one that Jiffyman has. That needed an engineers report for insurance but cost no more to insure). It would be a lot of work, is the original van not salvageable. Incidentaly Romahome do not like reshells being called Romahome.


        Hi Crazyclive, welcome to the forum.

        There have been discussions about this in the past here are some links from the archive forum, hope they help.

        N.B. The archive forum is for information only you won't be able to post on there but feel free to come back here and ask any more question.
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