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Demountable Romahome

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    Demountable Romahome

    Hi everyone.

    I have a Bedford Bambi motorhome but i am cosidering changind over to a rascal/diatsu Pick up / de-mountable type of Romahome but i wss wondering about the following.

    1) what was this model of Romahome called?

    2) When did they last make this model (i know i can always fit a later base vechial)

    3) how quick and easy is is to pop off the romahome pod unit as i would want to use the pick up during the week for work.

    look foprward to hearing from you all. Cheers .

    I can't help with q's 1 or 2 but for number 3 - It isn't a partlicularly hard job to demount the pod part, there are slight variations but on ours it was

    lower back legs/steadies and put front legs in place

    undo 4 bolts, ours were on the outside but I think some have the bolts on the inside.

    unplug 2 electric sockets - the caravan/towbar type

    raise the back off the vehicle using the jack legs and steadies

    drive the base vehicle STRAIGHT forward until you clear the pod. If you turn the wheels you risk knocking the legs out and toppling it!!

    The remount is a reverse of the above but is a bit harder and time consuming. You have to reverse the vehicle straight back,very slowly into place but lining it up perfectly with the bolt holes and without clipping the pod and knocking it over or pushing it backwards is a very precise art. I tried lowering it onto the vehicle and then manually pushing it to try to line it up but it wouldn't budge on my own!!

    I did it once or twice decided that it wasn't worth the effort to do it regularly. The pod also felt very wobbly on the legs, especially when we needed to leave it off for an extended time when the vehicle was in dry dock.

    As well as the legs, you will need the cover for the hole that will be left where the window in the front is - the glass is part of the vehicle and not the pod. Also, ours was a Daihatsu which had some parts of the engine that needs accessing from inside/underneath the pod and the original Daihatsu cover is ridged so needed to be removed and stored when the pod was on the vehicle.

    Hope that is of some help to you.

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