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Finding a used R20 Lo

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    Finding a used R20 Lo

    I've yet to join the motorhome world so I'm looking for a bit of advice. The vehicle that I get must be able to pass under a 2.06m (6'9") archway.

    The current Romahome R20 Lo would go under and would suit me perfectly. However, my budget is only £20,000 so a new one is beyond me. How long has the R20 Lo been around and what are my chances of finding one second-hand?

    Are there older discontinued models of Romahomes of similar height?

    Are there other makes that are this low? I have full specs., including the height, of all current makes and models of motorhomes, but nothing about models that have been discontinued.

    When one sees an advert for a secondhand motorhome for sale, how does one tell if the price is about right? I assume that there's nothing like a Parker's or Glass's Price Guide for them...... Is it something that just comes with experience?

    I'd be most grateful if anyone out there could help me with these queries.

    Hello Grust welcome to the forum.

    The R20 Lo used to be called Hylo and there are plenty of second hand ones around if you look. The older Hylo's were based on the Citroen C15 but these were superseded by the Berlingo, there are several Romahome dealers dotted around the country who have second hand Romahomes in stock have a look at the romahome website. they have a list of dealers on there. A budget of £20,000 should get you a nice second hand one.
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      Hi Grust....

      My unbiased opinion is that the C15 Hylo is the best vehicle you could buy to get under your arch (6' 4"). It is the classic pop-up motorhome so far as I am concerned, having full insulation with the roof up. You need to be less than 6 feet tall, though .

      But they ended in 2001 or so, in favour of the Belingo base vehicle, with a front-hinged roof, and 'canvas' gussets at roof level.

      Money-wise, you will be well inside your budget. Mine is 10 years old now, but there are low mileage examples around. I bought it 2 years ago with 27,000 on the clock. Try to go for one with no rust showing. Look at the cab doors and leading edge of the bonnet. Underseal and waxoil from new is a definite advantage.

      Don't take too much notice of the 'brakes are optional an extra' criticism, although you will need a slightly heavier foot than in a modern car. It travels as a fully laden van. Good parts and proper adjustment will de adequate.

      As a guide I would suggest £3-4k for an early 90's model, and then add £1k for each year later. Think £1-3k extra for 'well-cared for', and dealer's warranty.

      Good luck in your search.


        Hello GRAHAM - Thanks for the advice.

        What threw me was a picture of a rather high Romahome I found on the web labelled 'Hylo', but I realise now it must have been mis-labelled.

        AGGSNROG - hello. Yeah, the C15 Hylo sounds OK. You jest about the headroom; well I am 5'11" - would I have a problem do you think?

        I think about half of my nights away will be 'wild camping' so a Porta-Potti will be essential, or at least a compartment to put one. Does the C15 Hylo have this?

        I found the site, which gives specs for older motorhomes (useful!), and for the C15 Hylo it shows an 'N' for 'No' against 'Waste water tank'. Can that be right? Where does your waste water go then?


          Morning Grust....

          See for dimensions; pages 1 and 2. You would probably get away with 1.8m internal in the galley area as there is a car-type rooflight, but you would need to try one for yourself in the circumstances.

          There is a compartment for the smallest PP loo in the offside bench seat, although I use a higher one which stands between the bench seats (in a pull-string bag during the day). It forms part of the bed at night as it is the same height.

          Waste water is piped to the outside. Just use a plastic container.


            Having been out to mine again I am sorry to say that I now think you are too tall to enjoy the C15 Hylo. You would not be able to stand upright in the galley, and you would be forever banging your head on the catch housing of the rooflight. Never mind; I tried. Back to the Berlingo perhaps.


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