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Expensive mistake re silver screens

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    Expensive mistake re silver screens

    Made an expensive mistake re silver screens for our r20 hylo, registered 2009! I ordered some Isomatten internal screens based on the registration year of Berlingo vans. They haven't arrived yet, so decided to get external screen ready for holiday next week, having noted that a number of people use internal and external screens in colder weather. Person at Silverscreens was very helpful, and asked me to check whether side windows had a quarter light, which of course they do not. She then said that I needed the previous model screens, which I ordered and which arrived today (brilliant service).

    I'm now hoping that the internal screens when they do arrive will still be useable, though they won't be a perfect fit.

    Silly mistake on my part. Because the van is built on a 2008 chassis and registered in 2009 I thought the cab windows would be the later shape. Oh well, we live and learn!

    mistake re silver screens

    Not so daft as me perhaps.

    We had internal silver screens for our Trigano Tribute which had only been used once. Instead of selling them and buying new for the Romahome,
    smarty pants here decided she would alter existing silver screens to fit
    the citroen as Tributes were larger.

    Had forgotten that we had cut the door screens to fit the 2 sections of the
    Tribute. So....... as I had cut the windscreen blind, had then to source
    edging tape, managed to source a reflective adhesive tape to rejoin side
    window screens.

    OK, at the end of the day, have got my set of internal screens for the R20.

    My OH told me it was a stupid idea, I couldn't let on that I agreed with him once I'd cut the front screen.

    Moral of story - just buy a set, the hours taken to sew the blinds, plus buy the tape etc. needed, it was a very costly set of screens.

    I'm sure you will end up much better than me!



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