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Habitation checks

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    Habitation checks

    Can you tell me.

    How often should you have a Habitation check?

    I have read the checklist that the dealers did when we bought our Motor home :eek: and, how much it is going to cost just for the habitation alone, This is not including the service that needs to be done. I can't justify the cost in a full check!! It's more than the service????

    I also checked and asked Ant his prices. I know who I would go for but other half has booked locally at our dealers. (Wish we lived near Bristol)

    Hi Jessie

    We don't live near Bristol either but we have our service and habitation check at Ants and have a few days holiday at the same time. Ant charges a fraction of what the other dealers charge for his gas and electric check and you can check the other things yourself.

    We phone Ant book the van in for a service and a habitation check and also book a few days in a local campsite. Ant has a loan car available to use while he is working on your van and you can go out and see a bit of the surround area.
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