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Introduction and question

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  • Graham
    Hi Brian

    Welcome to the forum, hopefully someone will be along who has had experience of this kind of thing. Meanwhile congratulations on your new van.

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  • BrianTheSnail
    started a topic Introduction and question

    Introduction and question


    An introduction - Liz and I will shortly take delivery of a brand-new R20 Hytop as my retirement reward for working so hard all these years :-). We did have an old C15 Hytop for a few years but sadly it rusted away underneath us. Still many happy memories and trips.

    The question - we've been thinking of adding the Fiamma roof rails to the van
    ( so we can add a roofbar and plate - we're radio hams and want somewhere to secure aerials.

    I will ask Freeborn if this is something that can be factory fixed but if it becomes a DIY job, just how does one attach roof-bars or an awning? Surely screwing into the fibreglass frame isn't going to be strong enough? I must admit a little discomfort at the thought of taking my trusty Black & Decker to a brand new-shiny van.

    p.s. lots more newbie questions bound to follow

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