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Dull roof

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    Dull roof


    No matter how hard I try I cannot get a good shine on the roof of my Duo Hi top . Ive tried many different types of polish but its still the same . It looks chalky and dull . Has anyone else had this problem and if so what did you do .

    Thanks .

    Hi Dave, sounds like your roof is oxidised, I used Tcut to get back the shine and then polished but there is a special product for the job which Ant recommends. I have clipped the relevant bits from one of his posts

    If the van has an overall dull finish I use Farecla G3, this is
    specifically designed for GRP and must be used on a wet van,
    allowed to dry then removed. Having done that the shine will
    be begining to look quite good but can be improved with
    either a cream or soft paste silicone based wax polish, I have
    mine made for me but Farecla G10 is quite good and easy to
    get off properly. For dead flies across the luton I use another
    finishing wax ( also made for me) that is very high in silicone,
    the result is the flies don't stick and can be rinsed off.
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      Use farecla G3 or G10 to get the shine back


        Thanks very much for the advice . I will give that a go .


          Dull Roof

          Bought a bottle via e bay lots to choose from . Just given it a go and what a difference its made .


            Would this work on my caravan, d'you think? Not GRP though.


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