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washing the roof

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    washing the roof

    Hello all

    With the leaves falling and the air dampening, my little R20, which is parked under trees for the time being until I can secure a better home for it, is showing signs of 'greening' on the roof. Any ideas what to do to prevent this apart from covering it every time I park it?

    Also, how do you all wash the roof??? I am only a shrimp - how do I get up there to give it a good clean? I guess it wouldn't go through a regular garage car wash? Or would the Polish guys who do a hand wash do it for me I wonder!


    I've got one of these TELESCOPIC BRUSH and I get a ladder on the side of the van with a pair of trainers on the ends of the ladder to protect the van. Click the brush onto your hosepipe and "Bob's your uncle" as we say round here.
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      Used to wash mine from a stepladder using a fluffy mop!


        I have the same brush as Graham and it works a treat. I like the idea of trainers on the ladder and may try that next time too.


          Bob's Your Uncle

          Click the brush onto your hosepipe and "Bob's your uncle" as we say round here.[/QUOTE]

          We say that round here too! And some have been known to follow it up with "Fanny's your aunt and rabbit's your relative".



            I had great fun washing my van, we filled the hose up with shampoo first then joined it to the brush and it worked a treat. We also say 'Bob's your uncle followed by 'and Fanny's your aunt' never heard the rabbit bit!!


              Thanks all, I can see I will have to add a few things to my Xmas wish list!


                I visit a friend of mine a couple of times a year, their young daugher is a spry light little thing and she easily clambers up. She will wash the roof with a soft broom and bowl of hot soapy water for me in return for a family trip to the beach.

                I'm pretty sure so long as she doesn't tread on the skylight she is perfectly safe. I do double check my HyLo roof is well secured before she goes up and that I'm around while shes up there.


                  Perhaps she could do your chimney afterwards!! Seriously, I would have jumped at the chance to do this as a youngster and I bet she loves going up there too, what an adventure.


                    We had this problem with our old HyLo which was parked at home under trees. Falling leaves leave a brown stain which does not easily wash off and we resorted to polishing it every couple of weeks during autumn.

                    Eventually we purchased a made to measure cover from Pro-Tec. Expensive, but it saved a heck of an amount of damage to the glossy finish of the van. When we traded the HyLo for our new R30, comment was made on how good the white finish was.

                    We kept the cover in case we decided later to revert to a HyLo (should the R30 not meet our expectations) and it is still in the loft.

                    It seems that the R30 is going to stay, so ...

                    there is an all over cover for a Berlingo based HyLo available for sale - advertised in the Roma Club Review and in the for sale section of this Forum.



                      Thanks barry,

                      Seeing as I use my van as my everyday vehicle I think I would get lazy about putting the cover on every day and having to cover it up again when I got home.


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