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Fitting solar panel onto Romahome Roof?

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    Fridge from solar panels

    Gas gas is thinking of the original fridges. I have replaced the original 3 way fridge with a compressor fridge which is rated at c 50 watts . It uses c. 4 amps when running but the compressor only runs for about a third of the time. The average is c 1.5 amps . I have c 250 watts of solar panels and 110 ah battery. The panels power everything ( tv , fridge, lights etc) and I have not used ehu in over 2 years. For much of this time I only had 150 watts of panels and this is usually sufficient. I added a panel to give me a margin. A long run of very dull days ( over 5) would necessitate switching the fridge off. It is perfectly possible to run a fridge off solar panels(not of course in winter) and very many people do so. I live in Scotland.


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