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Miles per gallon in Romahomes

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    Miles per gallon in Romahomes

    Today I've been looking longingly at ther Berlingo-based Romahomes. I think they're still going to be beyond my budget but I can't deny I've fallen for them and there might just be an opportunity....

    On asking about fuel economy, I've been given widely differing figures so now I'm turning to the dedicated experts.

    Roughly, how many miles per gallon do you get:

    * On a long run, eg motorway at a steady 60'ish?
    * On a mixed run eg through town, a bit of stop start and shorter journeys of say 5 miles?
    * Is this figure based on the 2000TDi engine or 1.9 engine?

    Thank You.

    Hi Karen
    Here is a link from the old forum
    Old Post on MPG
    The HDI is more economic than the 1.9 but I think driving style and weight are more important. I had 40 mpg on my only test in our Duo Hylo (mixed motorway and local driving). My 1.9 Berlingo car is noticeably more economic than the Romahome.
    Derek Our Berlingo camping car


      Hi Karen

      It more or less says it all in that thread (thanks for finding it Derek ), we have a Dimension now but when we had our 1.9 ltr Berlingo based Duo we definitely attained around 48-50 mpg on our trips down to Brighton from Nottingham. Motorway all the way and an economic driving speed of 55-60mph.
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        We get the same, an easy 46-47mpg in our 1.9 1997 Duo. I don't race it but do try to keep up with the traffic conditions if I can.
        We don't use it for day to day through town. I do take it to work occasionally but that's a 15 mile duel carriageway trip.
        Hope this helps.


          Thanks for finding the post, Derek and thank you to everyone who's responded. I knew I'd seen an MPG posting on the forum somewhere - I just failed to source it myself!

          The figures look very encouraging. The dealer I'd spoken to had quoted 35mpg on a long run on the HDi model and improved economy on the 1.9 version. It didn't sound right to me but their interest very clearly isn't in small motorhomes.

          I'm still looking at the pros and cons of a DIY insurance-proof 'adaptation' of a Berlingo if funds won't stretch to the dream Romahome just yet.....

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            We have a 2007 Berlingo Duo with the 1.9 DW8 engine and it seems to do about 40mpg whatever we do with it although when we had to come back home from Brittany in a rush due to father in law being taken seriously ill we dropped to 35 mpg but that was foot to the floor on french motorways.

            Our 2000 Berlingo car with the same engine does about 45 mpg, the best we have had out of it is 50 mpg and as little as 30 mpg when towing a caravan.

            My friend who works in a garage that specialises in diesels says that he would choose this engine over the 2.0 HDI or the 1.6 HDI if he was keeping something a long time and covering high mileages due to reliability and servicing/repair costs.

            We used to have a C15 based Hytop that did between 45 and 50 mpg.



              Did this query earlier at


              May be of use

              Tony Anchorman
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                This is very helpful, Tony.a

                It looks as though there's some variation but, overall, they seem slightly more economical than my (petrol) Roo.

                Thank you to everyone else who's responded.


                  My 1.6 2007 Outlook R20 does 50+ to the gallon on a combo of roads. I don't drive in towns or on Mways that much so can't give you a figure for that; on a normal tank full I will drive mainly on A roads (some quite bendy and/or steep, living in Dorset!), some narrow country lanes, and a small amount of town, dual carriageway or Mway.

                  Good hunting!


                    The 1.6HDi would be my preference but I can't find one anywhere - only the 1.9 and 2.0HDi.

                    I've just had to dismiss my car adaptation idea so I'm now on the lookout for a Berlingo-based Romahome with low-mileage and ... air con (which seems hard to find).


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