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Romahome demountable Leak - HELP!

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    Romahome demountable Leak - HELP!

    My demountable has sprung a leak. Id appreciate any advise from anyone.

    The leak is manifesting itself at the front where the luton sections meets the normal section in the van.
    There is a damp patch in the corner and in the middle.


    What could this be? There is a small mushroom vent at the front? Or could it be the window with the water leaching up (unlikely) or is it somewhere that it joins?

    Donk you said you had a roof leak before did this cause the leak in the where the luton meets the van?

    Also what method of sealant is the best? This includes fitting a new mushroom vent.



    I don't know whether this will help you, but I had a problem with water leeching up between the cab and the habitation unit. I had taken the windows out of both the cab and the hab unit because I wanted to be able to 1/ speak to the dog and 2/ post all stuff I didn't need through into the cab area at nighttime, instead of having to carry it around the side of the van and into the cab through the doors - very handy in wet weather!

    The water was being forced upwards and inwards between the two separate parts. Ant suggested pushing pipe insulation in the middle. I actually found some neoprene cord and used that instead, simply pushing it in between the two units from the inside of the hab unit towards the cab, using a blunt screwdriver. I never had a problem with this leak afterwards. but the unit and the cab were pretty close together on mine, it might make a difference if there is more of a gap between the two.

    The stuff I used was expanded neoprene chord from here: (scroll down the page) If you send them an email asking for a few samples and stating the product numbers, they will send you bits of the different sizes so that you can try them.
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      We get a slight leak from around the windows that runs down to the front corner of the floor (The very narrow point under the seats_ but i drilled a tiny hole and this drains the water without causing too much of a problem.

      The mushroom vent you speak of is a solor powered extract fan , which on my unit luckily still works OK but you may find that driving rain forces it way up and over the rim and into the unit.

      To investigate if this is happening and for a temporary fix try gaffer taping between the outside of the roof and the dome cover !

      if no more water gets in you will need to look for a more permanent option and if the vent dosnt power and run you may want to possibly seal it up permanently !.


        Thanks so much both - that is really helpful.

        Fortunately the rain has relented a bit. I have turned the van around as a little test to see if it comes in on the other side. I have a feeling it may be leaching up from the cab area. Jay Jay i hadn't even thought that water could come in here!!!! Ill have a good prod around tonight and see what i can find.

        I have a feeling that the mushroom vent may be a red herring. Mine certainly doesn't have an extractor fan attached to it just a hole where the other half of it it should have been! I was wondering what this might be for. In the least only half of the mushroom survives and it's very brittle. Ive ordered a new one but in the mean time i thought id nip down and buy a bit of perspex and cover it up and allow a bit of light in. My surprise was, that despite every shop having signs in perspex to actually buy it from anywhere but a glazier (this being a sunday) is impossible. Ive tired screwfix, garden centres, wilko, B&Q wanted £30...unfortunately SWMBO was with me and so ahem "borrowing" a bit of small plastic "ultimate wilko bargain sign" was out of the question.

        Counting down the nights until March so i can actually use the thing.

        Many thanks both.



          We don need to use the window as a hatch so perminantly sealed it with a perspex window.
          Camper Pod.jpg

          This window / hatch area is well below the Luton section and i wouldn't have thought water could work its way in and get above the pelmit thats fitted over the window and then up into the luton area?


            I'm not sure whther this info is pertinent here. But there is mention of Perspex to replace a window.
            As some on here will be aware, I have a "home-made" car. The removable windows being REAL perspex. B&Q used to (and may still) stock clear Acrylic sheet which initially looks like glass - great - until it ages. When it goes milky and opaque. Much cheaper than Perspex but not so permanent.
            Luckily I became aware of the problem from the experience of others who made similar side windows for their cars with Acrylic Sheet and wished they had not.
            Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


              I found out where mine was leaking in by first drying the inside off with a towel, then getting a neighbour to train a hosepipe onto the area outside. It soon became clear that where the water was getting in from the outside wasn't where it was coming through to the inside, it was traveling a bit before finding its way out into the hab unit.

              I never had a mushroom thingy on my roof, but if I did that would be my first suspect. If you still have a window (like on DD's photo) on the hab unit, then it won't be coming in there unless the seals have perished. With the hab unit being made of fibreglass, unless there's a crack in it, there is nowhere for the rain to come in, except through window seals or door, maybe the skylight - or the mushroom thingy!


                Originally posted by Donk's Dad View Post
                We don need to use the window as a hatch so perminantly sealed it with a perspex window.

                This window / hatch area is well below the Luton section and i wouldn't have thought water could work its way in and get above the pelmit thats fitted over the window and then up into the luton area?
                With mine it did, especially driving in the rain. I didn't have windows in either the cab or the hab unit though. Until I removed the windows, I didn't have a problem, so the rain that can get driven into that area wouldn't have got in through the windows and probably went unnoticed.

                I never took mine apart, so unsure whether mine had the pelmits either. I notice there is some sort of black seal around the outside of the top though, so maybe that's where driving rain would be forced in. I didn't have that on my van.
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                  Partial update -
                  definitely not the mushroom vent - sob. (smashed the old one up to check!)
                  new mrushroom vent doesnt fit so ive fitted perspex until i find one that does.

                  Fixed small leak in window with Captain Creek's sealant.

                  Can't find the leak - but too cold at the moment!



                    Just to Clarify:
                    The pelmet is on the inside of the camper and is fitted at the bottom of the Luton and above the Hatch in the front of the pod (that lines up with the rear window of the Cab) It is covered in material and originally would have matched the seats.

                    This pelmet stands clear of the end wall of the pod by about 30mm and has an overhang of about 50mm, so any water getting in through the hatch has to navigate upwards and outwards and over this lip to get into the Luton area !



                      Oh those sort of pelmets! Yes, I had those inside. I tooke them off and turned them upside down and screwed them back on again, so that they made handy shelves and stopped things falling out of the luton. With there being a picture of the outside, I thought you were referring to the sides of the van on the outside, where there are those two horizontal overhangs.

                      Can you post a pic of the damp area, Llywelyn? Is it carpeted in the luton... if not this could just be simple condensation, forming where hot moisture laden air meets a cold surface.


                        The ceiling of my fibreglass works van body pod, get soaked with condensation, during cold weather.

                        The outside warms up but being dark and cool on the inside any moisture in the air condenses and forms drips all over the ceiling.
                        If i leave the rear shutter open, the air inside levels out to the temperature outside and it drys out.

                        Better ventilation would help, so its possible your camping pod is suffering the same conditions.
                        Is you Luton insulated ? or is it bare fibreglass surface ?

                        We are lucky with our pod, as the only bare un-insulated fibreglass surface is above the cooker on one side and above the sink on the other.
                        The rest of the pod is insulated on all surfaces, even the front of the seats and end bulkhead between them.

                        But sometimes condensation forms on the back walls inside the cupboards above the cooker and above the sink, which goes back to what i said about the inside of my works pod.


                          I should have added:

                          We put a couple of the Chrystal Damp Catchers in the pod over the winter.

                          These are electrically re-charged by plugging them in to the mains socket in-doors and They warms up and drys out the crystals, redy to use again

                          We re-charge them every month and put the date on the top in pencil and place them apart to cover the same amount of area.

                          Never had any damp or mildew problems with these.

                          I know a lot of people use salt in dishes or the chemical type crystal damp catchers with good success.

                          Might be worth trying something like that as well (belt and Braces)




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                              Hi llywelyn

                              As i suspected your Luton bulk head is not insulated, so could be a source of condensation.

                              But you failed to mention in your originally posting that you have a bloody great hole in the front of the Luton in the guise of a window !

                              Could this be the cause of the leak ?


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