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Romahome demountable Leak - HELP!

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    I think this goes to prove a point that a picture can tell a thousand words...
    The damp was collecting in the corners where the red indicates. It's the same on both sides.
    It seems better i park on my drive where it's slightly uphill. Now the really heavy rain has gone it seems better.
    The luton window was leaking towards the bottom quite badly and i sealed that up with silicone at the bottom where there was a huge gap.
    The damp gets on both sides of the van towards the front where the luton section joins the rest of the van on the ceiling. It may well be something running down their as i had suspected. The air vent is (was) bone dry in the luton.

    Ive been monitoring it and heating up the van on the last few weekends.
    I also suspected the side windows where they are screwed into the body but that's maybe a red herring too.

    On a side note my van is not cut out for the toilet handle as other pictures ive seen.


      damp other side.jpg

      Here is the other side...
      also note where i sealed up the luton

      damp traps were 5 for £3 in "what everything" shop which we have in south wales.


        if it affecting the ceiling it has to be getting in somewhere up on the roof, but waters sneaky ! in can get in in one place then run along on top of the ceiling coveringinsurlation (plywood) and then drip down were there is a joint.

        So check out the whole roof area ! Do you have roof vents ?

        Never see the bulkhead sticking out by the bottom of the seats on any other demountable romahome ?
        is there a cu tout inside the seat front? does this bulkhead cover it ?


          Ive got a fly vent towards the back.

          I think that it's worse when the luton is facing downhill is maybe a clue.

          Maybe ater get into the fiberglass where it joins? Or more likely to be getting into a vent/window/tiny hole...
          Perhaps the hose pipe is the best idea when it's a bit warmer.

          That picture is taken from the storage locked next to the cooker towards the rear door. It looks like it will fit a porta potti...but no cut out for the handle.

          My van is special!


            Those two areas you've marked on your photo are roughly the same at either side. That could be the point where simple steam (from cooking, boiling a kettle) is collecting and settling. And the same in the luton area. Maybe colder at these two points, perhaps from less insulation...

            Try boiling a kettle and seeing where the steam goes and settles?


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