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How to identify the age of C15 Cabins/Pods.

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    Ha ha, now I only compiled my list via pictures, as accurately as was reasonable, so I can't really comment. But as I said, there are bound to be some anomalies. Maybe yours was replaced under warranty or something similar?

    From looking at the cookers, it seems at first glance that white and beige Flavel Vanessas could be interchangeable?



      Originally posted by Pandabloke View Post
      And just to confuse an almost decided issue, here is a real anomaly.

      Everything seems right about this C15 Hylo, except the upholstery. The soft furnishings seem earlier than a 1995 model, but the cooker appears correct. I am leaning towards it being ok, but as far as I can recall, I have only ever seen this dull upholstery (sorry, owners of the same cushions), on 1994 models and earlier.

      I've asked the appropriate questions of the advertiser.

      Thoughts/comments. Ant?

      A very tempted Panda.....
      Well, I tried to view this yesterday. I went to the address on the advert and it was a small compound on a back street industrial estate. There were several campers on display, probably about a dozen. Problem is, the place was all locked up. No one about, no opening times, nothing. Also, despite being told by the vendor that I wouldn't find a better C15, the front bumper appeared to be hanging off......

      I always try and visit 'business' sellers ad hoc, without making arrangements. My theory is that you're either running a full time professional business selling campers, or you're not. If they're not there, then in my opinion, it's not a professional business. I went at 3.30pm and it was all locked up. No signage of opening times, but campers displayed as if for sale. Sometimes you just that feeling.......

      I didn't have a wasted journey as I specifically went down there to view a Stimson at another place.



        Someone a few posts further up asked wht is the problem with transferring a camper shell to a later vehicle.

        Well throughout the 90s Romahomes were built on 765KG platform cabs supplied by Citroen and the shell became heavier. One of the main reasons Romahome stopped producing on the C15 was the end of production by Citroen of the platform cabs.

        Production of the van was switched to Poland (and possibly Portugal) but only 600Kg vans were imported to the UK.

        That means any reshelll dated post 2002 is built on a cut down van on a much lower payload.

        What are the insurance implications if you are involved in an accident. I know we all like a bargain but is it worth the risk. Brian Bailey has just written a thread about the reshells that he has seen.

        I will stick my kneck out and say that I question the integrity of a dealer who sells a post 2002 C15 Romahome without explaining that it is a reshell and providingan engineers report for insurance purposes. A dealer cannot hide behind the "I didnt know defence". Dealers are supposed to know their product.

        Rant over



          Hi, Does anybody know what the later cooker model was called. I have a P reg Romahome 1996. It has no label and I am trying to find were I can get Parts. Thanks Kevin-Sheffield


            Hi Kevin. It's a Smev, I think. My litterature is for a Smev. Now called Dometic Smev. Something like in the pictures here, I reckon.



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