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Romahome seating

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    Romahome seating

    Is Romahome upholstery particularly good quality. I find it fine for sitting on but a bit too firm to sleep comfortably.

    However it does not seem to sink down too much on the front edge like some softer seats I have noticed in other vans. Does it become a little softer over time?

    It seems to retain its shape well over the years.

    I suppose that the seat cushions are a compromise between hard enough to sit on and soft enough to sleep on.

    reading other forms where people have much bigger vans it is the same problem.

    Many seem to use mattress toppers.

    In our Outlook we have a single duvet folded in half longways in a bag made from a single sheet. This is to protect the Romahome upholstery because we use our van a lot for picnicing etc, and to soften the seats for sleeping on.

    I am the sort of person who covers his car seats with sear covers to protect them and on the one occasion that I traded a car in when I bought another the salesman asked for the covers to be taken off before he offered a price. He was amazed at the 'as new' condition, he was expecting damaged dirty seats. It certainly helped with the trade in value.


      Thanks for your reply Peter. I also cover my seating with throws to protect them from damage and also from the sun. I was looking for some cream coloured car seat covers with no luck until I visited the dreaded Trago Mills and found cream covers for about £6 each the only disadvantage being they were decorated with a large brightly coloured flip flop motif! I have learned to love them and feel they give me a little street cred with the surfer set!

      My main aim was to keep the interior as light as possibly. I also found some check blue and cream oilskin material to make covers for the table and drop down worktops which I think look pretty good!



        I have found that an inflatable mattress is ideal to soften the Romahome seating, as I sleep on my side and my shoulder digs into the mattress.
        I like them, but they do not suit everyone as some friends think that they would roll out of bed if they slept on one.


          Certainly is quite firm.

          I cut up two old Argos cheap sleeping bags and use them as throws over the backs and seats. They stay there all the time day and night.

          I made us a sleeping 'kit' each and this consists of a double duvet (each) sewn down to make two 'pockets', one 'pocket' has a memory foam topper in it which goes on bed and the other side is a single quilt, which then folds over to middle. No drafts, can't fall off and we can just step out without the faff of a sleeping bag zip etc. These roll up and are stored in Luton. We sleep as if we are at home, so comfortable. As we have one each we can choose the TOG rating to suit ourselves.


            We cover our cushions in our hilo with fleece blankets which can be used on top of our bags/duvets if its cold.I have a phobia about spilling things since I knocked a opened tin of tomatoes off the table on our first night in our nearly new van luckily it fell into the washing up bowl that I had untidily lelt on the floor not a splash anywhere! I find the cushions perfect for sleeping on.
            If you feel life is uncertain always eat your pudding first!


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