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The last C15?

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    The last C15?

    I have often noticed that some C15 Hitops advertised for sale, even at "reputable" dealers, seem to post date early Berlingo based Duo's etc.

    Knowing the controversy that exists regarding re-bodied C15's, I wonder if anyone knows the history of the changeover in production from C15 base to Berlingo base 'vans.

    When was the last genuine C15 produced?

    When did Romahome start using Berlingo bases, and for which bodies?

    I have no direct concern in this, just mild curiosity. However, this information might possibly help someone else in recognising "doubtful" used C15's advertised for sale.


    I suppose a Hylo could be re-bodied as well, although I have not heard of one. My C15 is HY 00587 (stamped on the top hinge of the back door), and first registered on 28.7.2000. I think a small number were made in 2001.

    I vaguely recall asking Romahome for the original spec when I bought it a couple of years ago, but did not bother to pursue it when they said that if they did manage to dig out the original paperwork, there would be a fee of £10 or so.


      I think that the last of the C15 Romahomes were built in 2000 but some were registered in 2001 - They were called special editions.

      There have also been some rebodied hylos.


        Clearing out the attic I have just uncovered the supplement to the October 1998 C&CC mag; a definitive list of motor caravans available at the time. Under Island Plastics we have the Romahomes C15 Hytop (£15999), C15 Hylo (£16999), and the newly introduced 'award-winning Berlingo' based Duo (£18995), and Berlingo Duo Plus (£20170).

        AN Orak


          Late C15's


          I have a C15 Hitop first registered in October 2001 which I am led to believe by a local Romahome dealer is one of the latest. He tells me that apparently some of the changes were made to the body shell and to the interior prior to changing to the Berlingo. According to him the body shape is more or less as the later version and the matching cab seats and rear cushion matching upholstry are also features of the later Berlingo included in the last C15's

          Hope this might help



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