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C15 Hylo mods

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    C15 Hylo mods

    I would be interested to hear about any semi-permanent or permanent alterations which past or present C15 owners may have carried out or seen.

    I have fitted a bike rack which takes the place of the cushions on the off-side bunk. I count that as semi-permanent as I can reinstate the cushions, and they will cover the half-dozen holes I drilled in the locker moulding.

    I have also fitted a 13 amp socket in the Luton for TV and aerial booster.

    I am teasing with the idea of a car radio/cd player in the Luton, wired into the 12 volt aux, with speakers fitted permanently in the rear facing panels under the Luton where the curtains tuck in.
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    I considered a bike rack but can fit 1 bike in fairly comfortably if reversed in. Using 1 piece of wood across the frame of the bike stops it shooting through the back door while accelerating.

    I've put some 12 by 9 speakers in by drilling large holes in the wood holding the cab curtains back. This worked very well and the curtains still fit if folded before being tucked away.

    The most permanent change that I've made that I'm quite proud of is I added roof bars to the roof, it took me a while to find some bolt-on bars and waterproof washers but it's worth it. I have taken 4 heavy plastic kayaks on my roof to wales and back several times now with no issues.

    I too would like to put a decent music player in the luton, i've found CDs in the dashboard player seem to get cooked due to the heater output.

    I may remove the fridge, I rarely use it.

    The only other thing I'm considering doing is adding a drainage hole to that sunken kitchen area floor, would I need to put a 1 way valve in do you think?
    I often put wet equipment there or have to have the back door open for a few minutes at a time when it's raining heavily so the carpet gets quite boggy with nowhere for the water to go.


      Thanks, Sloeman.

      I like the separate radio and speakers idea, as my cab radio is a tape player. Remember those? It also switches off after an hour, and is almost impossible to reach from the caravan bit.

      Well done with the rack. We will certainly recognise you with four kayaks on a Hylo

      I am sure I have read previously that drain holes have been made in the rear well. It is after all where any spillage from the sink and water ingress will end up. I have a removable mat as the carpet finishes at the bottom of the step. ....In fact I think someone here has actually fitted a shower there.


        I'm fascinated by the idea of installing a shower now

        Yes, I get frustrated having to lean over the seats to play around with the CD player too, I'd probably be more frustrated if it was a cassette player though.
        Let me know how you get on with your audio experiments!

        Did you just cut the end piece of your carpet away?
        What kind of removable mat are you using? Something plastic?
        Where in the luton are you planning on putting the player?

        I'm thinking of making a small box to keep it (and the cables) tidy and having it central enough so that I could hit the buttons from the drivers seat so long as I know where to reach. If I make the box reasonably sturdy I won't have to worry about damaging the back of the player with my other stuff either.


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          Gunerdoo Do It Tomorrow ?


            Originally posted by Sloeman View Post
            Did you just cut the end piece of your carpet away? What kind of removable mat are you using? Something plastic?
            When I bought the van last October I was given what was described as the original carpet. It is dark rusty red in colour, and only reached to the bottom of the step. It just hangs down and does not need fixing. Don't forget you need access to the hatch behind it to replace the spare wheel.

            The mat is just a domestic rubber backed doormat which is a reasonable fit. That was already in the van.

            I have the same idea for the radio; in a box on the Luton deck, but probably on the nearside. The TV hangs on a coat hook that side (screwed to the padded board across the Luton).


              My "music system" consists of a Sony radio in the front dash, it has a CD player but dont use it, 4 speakers, 2 front and 2 fitted to the pannels in front of the curtains. The main thing about this radio is that it can be operated by a remote controle, like your TV, from the back of the van.

              I now have a new toy, a160 GB. iPod, that now contains ALL my CDs and more, which will accept a small FM stansmitter, I can tune the radio in to it and i can controle every thing from the back and it all work very well.

              Also fitted a Propex blown hot air system, extra lights on the outside to light up the area at the rear and sides of the van, extra mains sockets in the luton, to the left of the gas rings and on the wall oposite, all double but the one in the luton is a 4X to run the TV and the satellite receiver etc. and a socket in the offside outside box to run a microwave I use in a small tent/shed also keep the bike in there aswell as other junk I seem to have to take with me.
              Also I have enlarged the nearside outer gas box to take the better 4.5/3.9 Calor gas bottles, works out much cheeper than the other make of gas.

              Hope this is of some use
              Regards Martin :thumbsup:


                Ooh, how did you enlarge the gas locker? And how did you connect it up, currently I only have a hose and regulator on one side.

                Yeah, I've taken to the FM transmitter method, seems to work quite well so far.


                  Sorry I didn't make myself clear, I only enlarged the opening of the gas locker,
                  I took off the rubber seal and gradualy took the sides off with a hacksaw blade and a file untill the bottle just went in, which means the seal has to come off when the bottle is taken in and out but that is no problem, and I had to rebend the wire grid that the bottle sits on to make it go lower.

                  Sorry I dont follow--how did you connect it up-and -only have a hose and regulator on one side. Thinks??--is your gas locker on the off side? mine isn't.
                  Regards Martin :thumbsup:


                    I settled for a second, up-to-date radio in the rear of the van with an SD card slot. The speakers (one is hidden by the tv in the photo) are small but impressive. Suits me!! hmmph

                    The tv travels in the luton face down. The box I made over Christmas houses dvd and video tape players, with much of the cable, as well as the radio and a 12 volt socket for the tv. I'll sit an indoor tv aerial on the box if signals are sufficient. I also carry a 2 X 2 metre mast and outdoor aerial, which is visible over the bike. That clamps to the moulding alongside the back door of the van.

                    The bike rack is one I made from a tube to fit a ladder rack (yes, one I made earlier ). The tube is now bolted to thick ply supports bolted in turn to the grp moulding. I leave one set of cushions at home, and have fitted a ply cover over the storage space. I also decided to remove the drop-down flap on that side as the bike is there most of the time.

                    Deliberate mistake: while at pains to secure the radio box to the side of the van, as well as the luton woodwork, the support pole for the luton would not swing down as it should; so I cut it and fitted a ferrule like a tent pole! Not for nothing am I known as Rog the Bodge!

                    I do feel that these C15 Hylos are a bit of a classic, especially with the full size pop top, so I have tried to ensure that most of my mods are reversible.

                    Hey Martin... thanks for the info on the gas locker.
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                      Very nice, food for thought from both of you. Nice pics mr Bodge!

                      I've got another couple of bits I want to do this weekend then will take some snaps of my own.


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