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Manchester Caravan and Motorhome Show

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    Manchester Caravan and Motorhome Show

    Thank you to Graham and Pauline,
    for pulling my name out of the hat for the free tickets to the Manchester show.
    We had a great day and there was everything from tents, caravans, statics even a pine lodge or two.
    Acessories galore and even a farmers market, with plenty of free tastings such as cheese sausages bisquits and even wine.
    We went on the train so didn't buy anything but will certainly be looking out for Snowdonia cheese when we are in wales with of Roma Hi top C15.
    It was nice to see Romahomes represented at the show by their newest dealer Motor Plus of Derby.
    They had among other vans a R10 and R20 Roma on view.
    It was very busy so didn't get a chance to chat to them, but did manage to get sat down in the R20, is it me but it did seem a little more cramped than or C15 Hi top.
    The floor seemed higher as did the step up from outside.
    For £31,000 it should come with a standard electrical step not a £350 option.
    Nice and bright inside and luxurious comfy cushions and I think a little easier to get in and out of the cab seats as the are higher and more supportive than a C15.
    I think for what it's worth Roma should have done a Berlingo conversion instead of the Nemo it just needs that extra space.
    I was very impressed with the Khyam Motordome Tourer Awning about £299.
    It's easy to but upthe poles remain in place and just click and the folding joints. It's freestanding with a canopy that goes round the camper and has a window and door also very light and should anything break they say spares are available at most camping shops.
    Anyway would recommend the show to everyone and hope it's as good next year.
    Nearly forgot Michaela Strachan gave a talk about her career and life.
    Very entertaining and even though there were problems with the slide show she just kept going showing just what a pro she is.
    Come on the BBC get her back on our screens soon.
    Cheers to everyone from
    Peter Fowden and Janet Richards

    Hi Peter

    Thanks for that very full and interesting report, I hadn't realised that there were going to be any Romahomes there so that was a bonus for you, interesting to hear of that new Romahome dealer in Derby, that's not a million miles from us so I will have to check them out.
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      You mentioned Wales,are we going to see you at the Beddgelert meet at end of April,I shall definately look for snowdonia cheese.

      Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


        I have to say that I hadnt noticed any difference inside our Outlook compared with our old C15 except when the left hand bed is in the seating position with the table up. To be honest we dont travel like that unless we have passengers




          Assuming they are base prices
          £31,660 for an R20 seems a bit steep?

          on page 4

          whereas Freeborn still showing

          Which one is right or is it mark up?

          Tony Anchorman
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            Your right Anchorman
            £31,000 seems steep . Maybe as a new dealer they have to keep near the list price. (officially anyway)
            Of course it's now a demonstrator since its been on show in Manchester and had a couple of hundred bums on the seats (including mine) this might let them discount it if its not already been sold.

            it was the left side with the pulman seats that seemed smaller but the floor height seemed higher aswell than our C15.
            Anyway wouldn't say no to one if I got the chance

            Ian Stockley
            Would love to go to the beddgelet meet but depends on weather, and If we can get away from family responcibilities.

            Thanks for the kind remarks not used to posting etc but as they say pracitice makes perfect
            Cheers Peter


              Higher to get into at the back because the suspension is new and has not settled, Th large Heki rooflight means that when the blind is open you can stand up in the middle, I think that it is the table that makes it feel cramped, we leave that at home and use a smaller homemade one.

              I would hope that the price shown included delivery and all the other first registration charges, in the motoring part of yesterdays Telegraph there was a review of a Skoda estate car- price over £27000


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