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Romahome c15 Hylo Value for insruance valiation write off

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    Romahome c15 Hylo Value for insruance valiation write off


    I am in discussion with my insurance following accident and total loss of my vehicle (1991 115kmiles c15 romagome hylo good cond) , they have offered 3k.

    That is below what I paid and difficult to find a replacement in similar condition.

    I'd be interest to hear thought on fair valuations and if anyone here previous experience of valuation in such situation or access to motor home valuation guide books that can help with this?


    A 1992 Hylo sold on our website recently for £2500.

    And this one is a 1989 and is priced at £2750,

    so £3000 for yours seems a decent price on the face of it.

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      I recently had my 1998 Hylo with 55,000 miles on it, written off after a heavy car park accident that wasn't my fault. I insured it for about the amount I paid for it and the assessor independently assessed it using the internet and for sale ads to value it (at least that's what he told me he was going to do..)

      In a conversation with the insurers, I think they let slip what he had valued it at and it was more than I had insured it for!

      I had already established 7 ads online to prove the value of it and even though I didn't have to use them, that seems to be the approved way of valuing a specialist older vehicle. Hence they paid out my insured value without me having to argue or fight in any way.

      I can only suggest that you do the same, find 1991 or older (not newer, that proves nothing) C15 Hylo's with similar mileage and condition. That demonstrates the replacement value at least. You may find some adverts in excess of what you feel your vehicle is worth, but I must stress that you will also find many adverts for early Hylo's for the same or less than they are offering you.

      If you have pictures, repair bills or any literature to support the value of your van, then use them as well.

      And I am sure I don't have to tell you that we all wish you the very best with your claim.

      These broken wings are gonna leave me here to stand my ground........


        I think £3K sounds about right, quite generous.

        I bought my 1991 C15 Hytop for £3,800 in Sept 2011. When I traded it in 2.5 years later I only got £1K p/ex for it. Mileage was about the same as yours.


          And of course everything is worth what you pay for it, I guess. That's where it hurts.

          There seems to be a marked difference between retail and private sale prices of motorhomes and of course Romahomes in particular. This helped me, as there are a number of older Romahomes up for retail sale at far more than I paid privately for Henrietta, but those I looked at were not in anyhere near as good condition as she was. There are still at least two C15's for retail sale at the moment in excess of £10,000! I am not saying that they are not worth that to someone, but that is just about early Berlingo Hylo money on the private market. But early Berlingo Hylo's appear to start retailing at about £13,000.......

          And even though I got a satisfactory pay out on Henrietta, I would much rather still have her up and running and useable of course.

          A vanless but very fortunate and for the time being, reasonably wealthy Panda.....
          These broken wings are gonna leave me here to stand my ground........


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