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    No I spot welded through holes I punched the same as the old one I took off.
    "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time"


      I'll be interested how it goes, as I've heard varying stories over what is acceptable for spot welded panels, and what has to be continuous recently, and I have a car I'm welding panels in myself.


        The ones I removed we're spot welded on because I bought a couple of spot welding drills to get the welds out. I think if the sills we're load bearing then you would probably be correct but the sills on the C15 don't carry load, the chassis is behind the sills.

        Just found this on MOTUK.
        It is essential that repairs to corroded or damaged areas are properly carried out. This requires that suitable materials of appropriate gauge or thickness are used for repairs. Additionally:

        · Any plating or welding extends to a sound part of a load bearing member.

        · the repair must appear to be virtually as strong as the original structure with only continuous seam welding being acceptable for patch repairs (even if the patch extends beyond the prescribed area).

        · spot welded joints are acceptable where the original panel has been replaced to an existing spot welded flange (provided the original defective panel flange has been removed). Stitch or plug welding is acceptable as an alternative to spot welding in these cases.

        · MIG brazing, a combination of adhesive bonding and riveting, or amalgamations of these with other joining methods may be the vehicle manufacturers recommended method of repair. Such repairs must therefore be accepted unless they are clearly inadequate.
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        "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time"


          That's a very quick restoration Jeff. Congratulations. I thought I was doing well when I bought the Wolseley 1500 in February and had it on the road by the beginning of August, but you are fair motoring with this one.


            Originally posted by MYKE View Post
            That's a very quick restoration Jeff. Congratulations. I thought I was doing well when I bought the Wolseley 1500 in February and had it on the road by the beginning of August, but you are fair motoring with this one.
            Thanks Myke,
            to be fair if I had got on with it then she should have been on the road in the first quarter of this year, I never touched it for a few months and I myself began to wonder if she ever would be finished.
            I still have plenty of jobs to do on her yet so provided I pull my finger out then it should be a couple of weeks when she's due for her MOT, now that will be a real test for me, not only for my work to be inspected but it will also be my first proper drive of her. I've moved her in and out of the garage and turned her around, neighbours look at me because I haven't put the bonnet or wing back on yet lol.....

            I'd love to see a picture of your Wolseley is that the one where the name badge lights up? if so I had one of them during the 70's and I also had my very first car an Austin A35, wish I had them both now though....Well done for putting the Wolseley back on the road.
            "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time"


              Underneath chitty today while I had her jacked up and supported on axle stands, I was putting the final underseal coat on the rear of the final sill when I noticed a patch of rust on the rear chassis area, got out my trusty screwdriver and gave it a few pokes to find my screwdriver went into a hole, it's about the size of a walnut but right behind the brake pipes so it looks like I'll have to move them somehow, wire brush, rust treatment and weld a plate on. Just as I thought I was done with all the welding and this cropped up but happy I've found it and not the MOT inspector. Oh well back to the welder but not looking forward to laying on my back welding. I found a leather apron in screwfix so will be popping along there tomorrow to buy one then at least I'll be covered.
              "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time"


                I Can't make it out to Chitty today as wife not very well.
                I popped over to a company called wentin fastners here in my local town. I have a jammed steady leg on the O/S of chitty, Jammed being polite as it's rusted beyond repair, I've applied copious amounts of GT85 over the months and still no joy, Yesterday an hour or so before I left my daughters I set about trying to free it, Ant said to get to it from inside is very difficult and also meant removing the fridge and cutting the floor before you even get to the moulded sections which again you have to cut, those words CUT soon put a halt to that idea. I putt my trolley jack on the right hand side of the steady leg because I didn't want to apply a force that would rip the steady leg out and break the body work. I applied a force using my socket wrench and the length of threaded bold snapped, no big deal because I was now able to see what was causing it to jam in the first place, The threaded bar was completely rusted so bad that no thread was left and was very thin in places.
                I pushed and pulled and applying plenty of GT85 got all the moving sections moving again but now what to do with this broken bar, I popped along to the company above and they had no bar like the piece I took in to show them, the guy who served me knew his stuff as soon as he seen the bar he said that's a trapezoidal threaded bar the type they use in a vice or lathe and it's used for strength, I mentioned it was from the steady leg of my romahome and again he knew what he was talking about being a caravaner himself. I asked if they had anything else I could use in it's place and he said as the steady leg isn't for lifting and just as the word says "Steady leg" I could use threaded bar like M16 which is the nearest just a little larger than the bar I took in, when he fetched it to me I thought blimey that won't snap in a hurry and it will do the job. I was given the choice of stainless steel bar of galvanised I chose the stainless steel rod as it wont rust, a little more expensive but I plan to do this job only once. I also purchased 4 M16 bolts that I intend to weld onto the rod and the scissor section to give me a working steady leg. If the steady leg was easily removable then I would have just replaced the whole unit and it would have been cheaper than stainless steel rod. Again it showed the lack of maintenance that chitty suffered in the past and luckily I only have this issue on one side.

                While I was at wentin fastners I also took along the small bolts that hold the wing mirrors on and the chap said ah! M5x16 and brought out the exact same ones apart from you need an Allen key instead of a cross screw driver, a dozen of them cost me 82p. I hate you people who can look at a screw or nut and bolt and say ah! that's so and so size and thread when I have to run back and forth to my tool box to get the right size spanner before I know what size it is lol Well done if you can do that I only wish I had your skill.

                Wentin fastners are available online and I highly recommend them if you have trouble getting and particular fixings.
                "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time"


                  Just a quick up date on chitty.
                  I have it booked in, in 2 weeks time for her MOT that will give me enough time to do the odds and sods I have left to do on it. Been in touch with a guy I know who will give it a complete re-spray for me but I'm doing all the prep work to reduce the cost. I want all the plastic sprayed white, so today I started the job by pre-pairing and priming the plastic ready for the top coat. Just a couple of shots to show how she's going.
                  All the vinyl stripes have now gone the rear door handle is also white to match all other door handles.

                  "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time"


                    before and after.jpg A before and almost finished shot. Still got to have her re-spray and vinyl done yet.

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                    "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time"


                      Well I actually drove Chitty out onto the road for the very first time today and the first time for Chitty in just over 3 years.

                      I had her booked in for her MOT and welding today, only when I got there they decided they were double booked but no worries she's booked in for 8.30am tomorrow morning and I decided to leave her there overnight.

                      What did I think of the drive? Well after jumping out of an almost new Vauxhall Insignia and into Chitty it was like stepping back into a time warp. I needed to stand hard on her brakes but thanks to the folk on here I was prepared for the braking advent, so thank you guy's. I had to go up a short but steep hill and I'm thinking I hope I can make it but to my surprise she went up with ease, and my daughter said it looked quite nippy. I think I do need to adjust the new clutch once I get her back because at one stage I thought it was slipping but then after that it felt ok all the way to the garage. Gear changing was spot on with no problems, steering felt ok. I looked through the rear view mirror but couldn't see my daughter or any traffic through the back door, she was travelling behind me just to help out in case I needed any help, don't forget this was chitty's first drive after a major engine build and major body repairs.

                      I know tomorrow she will fail her MOT because the garage insist on doing the MOT before any welding which makes sense now I've had time to think about it, Just wish I could have got to the area without having to weld on my back, I really didn't fancy that so I'm leaving it to the garage, at least they have a hoist.
                      My fingers are crossed that she fails only on the welding and the brake line which I know is corroded, lets hope it isn't much more, so by 9.30am I'm going to have the results of the MOT and will let you guy's know tomorrow night.
                      driving chitty.jpg
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                      "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time"


                        Originally posted by Jeff Brown View Post
                        The wife was delighted with me when I came home one day and told her I'd just bought a C15 hy/lo camper 1994 that was until I told her the price of it? I paid £100 for her and she needed a fair bit of work done and the main bit was the previous owner severely neglected it badly, cam belt snapped and so did the cam shaft, (all that has been repaired now, new water pump and tensioners fitted, I even replaces the crankshaft oil seal, new cam belt supplied by previous owner along with a new camshaft.

                        when the wife finally got to see it a couple of days later she said "You really are mad aren't you? that will never be on the road again or are you planning moving into it" lol

                        The rust on her was pretty bad in all the usual area's for the C15. I opened the drivers door and I could see the chassis through the badly rotted sill but it still didn't deter my determination to prove my wife wrong. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11465[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]11466[/ATTACH] I've added the before and after shots of just the door sill repair although I've replaced the whole sill.
                        I've had to replace the drivers door because it was in such poor condition the guy gave me many spares that included 2 doors, 2 wings, windscreen, alternators, starter motor and many other spares.

                        The spare door I put on had a crease in it and on further inspection I notice that it had no door stay which caused the door to swing wide open and come to a stop against the wing. I cut out the door stop from my old rusty door and welded it on to the replacement door, I pushed out as much of the crease I was able to and repaired it with body filler.

                        I was quoted £200 to have the sill alone removed and a new one welded back and I had to supply the sill, plus there was much more welding to do even on the chassis, O/S wheel arch, I could just see the price for welding going up and up and costing me more and more, now I'm no welder but I have done some welding as a hobby in the past creating scroll work gates. I thought £200 was a bit steep, so I bought myself a new mig welder for £200, I bought spot welding removal drills and got on with the job myself and replaced the sill, so far I've welded the chassis holes, treated all the rust and primed everything that I've welded, repair welding done to the front O/S wheel arch, even the towing eye was all bent so I've welded a couple of reinforcing plates, one each side.
                        I noticed in the engine compartment where the jack sits there was a small ledge that had completely rusted away, I removed all the sound proofing behind the jack and removed the plate behind that only to find a rather large hole the size of a golf ball in the bulkhead, this meant when it rained or you threw a bucket of water over the camper the water would go down the grill below the screen and head straight inside by the drivers foot well, so I set about welding on a new plate bit awkward because I also had to watch I didn't set fire to anything under the dash board.
                        The previous owner lives next door to my daughter where I have the camper parked and I asked him if it ever got wet in the foot well, he replied when it rained heavy or he washed the camper it would sometimes flood and he insisted it was a leaky windscreen, that was until I pointed out this rather large hole that was out of sight, that now repaired primed and painted and the drain pipe also unblocked. I then set about welding a new ledge on (where the jack sits) and that is now also repaired primed and painted.

                        I have also replace a drive shaft that had a broken boot on it and inside full of grit and dirt it was also minus any grease, I replaced both track rod ends as both had split bushes and in my eye's it's quicker to replace the whole unit rather than just the bushes plus they aren't expensive.

                        While I had the door lining off I replaced the door lock with the original one and then decided I'd fit central locking, pity there isn't any room in there or I would have fitted electric windows as well but still looking into this.

                        The back door frame was damaged by someone reversing into something and now I have just removed the frame and I have a good friend who is repairing it for me as I called in one of many favours he owes me.
                        Still plenty to do yet but this is a very enjoyable project I have going it's just a shame it's 25 miles away from where I live and I don't get to go out there as much as I'd like. The wife is now coming around after I named the camper chitty chitty bang bang where it goes in as a wreck and comes out looking ace, mine won't fly or be able to float lol but she's going to turn some heads, once she's finished and is mot'd I have her booked in ready for a complete re-spray and I plan on putting new decals all around that I can cut myself on my plotter, my wife likes the idea of coffee and crème but I'm certainly open to ideas for a new design if anyone can come up with something.

                        I'll keep you posted on chitty's progress, I've taken many photo's of before and after as I've gone along and this has been and still is one hell of an enjoyable project.
                        I must also thank Ant for all his advice he has been very helpful with very good information.

                        Sorry it's been a long post
                        Hi Jeff I love your Post I have started to go back through them and you are an inspiration to us all. There is lots of hummer and good advice you are a gifted man and you put thing into words so well a blessing to us all.



                          Originally posted by Jeff Brown View Post
                          lol I only wanted to see if everything was running as supposed to be.

                          Great news today, Chitty moved under her own steam today for the first time in around 3 years, I re-installed the drive shafts, connected the gear linkage and thought lets go for it, started it up and she fired with the first turn of the key, put her into gear and started to move very slowly because I knew the brakes wouldn't be to hot being stood that long but she edged forward so I pulled her out of the garage and turned her around facing the other way so I could work on the other side but a problem accrued to me that I wouldn't be able to shut the garage door with her facing the other way, I'll just have to drive her in and out as needed....
                          But by moving her it told me I had done the clutch and thrust bearings ok and it goes into gear ok.
                          Couple of Questions for anyone with the C15
                          Does the gear stick feel a bit sloppy on them? as this one does a little, not sure if there is adjustments I can do.
                          I know the brakes need a little work doing to make sure they are running free but are the brakes usually as stiff? or are they an optional extra lol
                          I have a 2000 Berlingo Quartet motorhome passed MOT recently but to me brakes need a bit of muscle to be affective nothing like a modern vehicle.You have to leave a larger gap.Haha.


                            Fascinating read Jeff, thanks for all the updates, I've shared this on our Facebook page for people to read, its inspiring.
                            Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


                              looking for update ...did it get through MOT? hope so


                                Originally posted by Jeff Brown View Post
                                I couldn't do my final welding today as another day of heavy rain. I wanted to finish the N/S sill off, the chassis is welded and complete and so is the front n/s wing. The n/s door pillar next to the accommodation was rusted badly for around 2 inches and nothing but a large hole, yesterday I got the tape measure and measured the damaged area, the sheet metal I had is ok for the chassis but not for this thin steel, rather than drive around trying to find somewhere to buy some as I was sat there having a cuppa staring at this damage the light in my head suddenly came on, I got my disk cutter and marked the size I required onto chitty's old door, cut out the piece and with only a pair of wide welding mole grips and a panel beating hammer I managed to bend it into the L shape I needed, punched a few holes into it with a jodder/hole punch I have and I spot welded it into place just enough to hold it so I could gently tap it so it fitted, completed it by spot welding through the holes I'd punched. The finished job will have a small lip on it but I can either use some body filler or just leave it because I bet no one will ever notice the patch..

                                I decided I'd take a look at the heater blower today as I already had the parcel shelves off. Remember that large hole I found in the bulkhead? well it was directly above the heater blower, so during rain or any washing it had the water would cascade over the motor, so I wasn't holding out much hope to rescue it...
                                Very easy to remove with just 2 nuts holding it in place, and the 3 cable power lead to unplug a little wobble and I got it out to be met by the image below and I'm thinking the blower was doomed.
                                I stripped it down by separating the 2 plastic halves that houses the motor and the fan, I was able to remove the motor with the fan still attached, gave it a good wire brushing with lashings of GT85 and I was finally able to freely spin the motor, continued cleaning with a brass wire brush until it spun with just the touch of my finger, I rigged up some jumper leads and connected chitty's battery to it and she tried to spin, gave it a little push and it burst into life all be it at a slow speed, I wobbled the 3 wires coming from the motor and it went up to full speed, when I let go of the wiring she slowed down again, I took each wire individually and gave it a little tug and on all 3 wires it would burst into full speed, I de-soldered the 3 wires and re-soldered them back on in case of any dry joints then connected it back to the battery only to be met by the same problem, in the end I solved the problem with a cable tie by hooking it around the 3 wires and onto one of the rails in the housing and tried it on and off a good dozen times to make sure it wasn't a fluke. I put it all back together again and re-installed the blower back into chitty, connected the wiring back into the loom and gave it a try only to be met with it working only on slow speed, I removed the switch and cutting a long story short, someone had wired it incorrectly and it only worked on one speed but after re-wiring the switch chitty now has a working 2 speed blower, took me around 2hrs but 2hrs well spent.

                                Yes its amazing when the light bulb comes on after thinking on repairing something and when you finely manage to get it too work again very satisfying.


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