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    Been pointed in your direction


    Im looking to buy a small campervan/motorhome and a Romahome looks perfect. I dont know anything about Romahomes, but have found 2 that I like the look of. I just wondered if anyone could please give me any pointers, pros and cons, or what to ask the dealers.
    The first is being sold by Cordoda Leisure. The ad just says it is a Romahome Suzuki 2 berth, 2002. The second is is being sold by Black Country Caravans and is a Citroen C15 Romahome 1991.
    Im not living in the UK so cant go and look at these before I buy, so any tips would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks in advance

    Is there someone over here who could look these vehicles over for you - any family or friends here in the UK? Photos can be very deceiving, making the vans look exceptionally spacious, pristine, etc.

    You really should test drive any vehicle before you buy it. Any clunks and knocks from the engine and it's off the list.

    Also make sure the beds are going to be big enough/long enough and that you're going to be able to manage with only a little headroom.

    I'm sure others will be along later with a few more tips.

    Welcome to the forum!


      It Sounds like the 2 berth Suzuki Romahome is a demountable camper pod, that as the name suggests sits on the back of a Suzuki pick-up and can be removed when not in use.

      Similar Pick up to this that can be used are the Suzuki Super Carry the Bedford or Vauxhall Rascal, Honda Acty, Daihatsu Hi Jet or the Piagio Partner and now the newer Suzuki Carry (with the bonnet).

      I think the C15 is coachbuild and is not made to be removable.


        Hello Faraway,
        Glad you found it here. I don't know about demountables, but I've had a look at the C15 and wonder if that's quite a lot for a high mileage 20 year old van? It may not be if it's in very good nick. All I am basing this on is my old C15 Hy-Lo. It was a 1994 van that I bought from a dealer in 2005 for £6000. It had full MOT and had only done 30,000 miles. We sold it 3 years later for £5,400, and could have probably have raised more if we were not in a rush to make room for our Outlok.
        If you take your time, there are good deals, but it took me a year each time to find the right van, so maybe it's worth paying a little more to save time.
        Good luck in your search.
        A. x


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