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Just saying thank you to Ant

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    Just saying thank you to Ant

    One person who helped me a lot with technical advice and even sending me a couple of parts that I couldn't get hold of and this person was Ant from Avon motorhomes, his knowledge about Romahomes seems to be never ending and what he doesn't know about Romahomes isn't worth knowing.

    Chitty was Originally purchased by the previous owner from Avon motorhomes, I knew this by the dealers sticker on the back end and also on the number plates and confirming with the previous owner that it was indeed purchased from Ant all those years ago, well around 10 to be exact.

    Once I'd finished restoring chitty and how good she looked after her re-spray I noticed the old number plates were letting it down so I tried a few things to try and bring them up to a respectable standard but all attempts failed, this left me no alternative but to replace the number plates and this I did but what I tried to do was to salvage the old stickers so I could reuse them Just as a thank you to Ant for all his help but my attempts to salvage them failed because they were sun baked on. I contacted Ant to see if he wouldn't mind sending me some replacement stickers both for the number plates and the rear one I'd removed before her re-spray, I wouldn't have minded if he said no because Chitty is old and like he said he doesn't sell the C15 any more but it's a bit of free advertising for him in my mind and well deserved I think. Ant sent me the stickers I requested and this afternoon I put them on the plates and the rear section. The new modern ones although they fitted the front plate they didn't fit the rear plate because they would have covered the lower section of the registration so I placed it just below the plate it's self.

    During my few days away in Chitty she was turning a lot of heads and on site I had no less than 5 people come over and asked about it and they all walked around her having a good old nose. so I hope these stickers at least play a small part in at least getting Ant some enquiries. Just a small thank you from me to him.

    Thank you Ant for all your help it was very much appreciated.

    rear number plate sticker (Medium).jpg
    "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time"

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