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    Just registered!

    Hi, I just bought my Romahome, she is 17 years old and I am a bit scared really, I test drove her and all seemed ok.
    The corner steadies are very stiff to lower, have sprayed with WD40 but could only get the nearside one fully down. I am really worried about the spare wheel - there is 8 months MOT so I guess it must have been accessible at the time of testing.
    I managed to change the regulator on the gas bottle and the hose (had not been changed once in 17 years!), following this the propex heater worked (may I say a big thank you to whoever it was for the instructions uploaded to the site. The van had none, only a general handbook.
    I cant make the fridge work but to be honest I am a bit afraid to try and light it, when I put the switch on to gas it just flashed a red light and was clicking, maybe this was the ignition trying to light but I turned it all off quick as I didnt want to risk blowing it up!

    Well, there we are! I have wanted one of these for so long and now I have one I really hope to get out there and have the courage to use it!

    Hi Tess

    Welcome to the forum, it's a bit daunting when you get a new van but the best thing to do is go camping and try everything out.

    To light the fridge you need to press the red switch down (this is the ignitor) the turn the gas switch to on and HOLD IT IN for about 20 seconds then slowly let it out and the fridge should light.

    Why not come to one of our meets and you can chat to other C15 owners and swap ideas, if you are anywhere near Chertsey you could join Minimouse and Ian, see this thread
    Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


      Thanks for the tip

      Thanks for reply, I cant make Chertsey but will try and be a little bolder with the fridge ignition.

      Think I am going to try and camp out on my driveway first!


        Time spent on freeing off and lubricating the stays and the spare wheel mechanism will pay dividends when you need to use them. With the spare wheel being tucked away under the van, it gets all the salt and road muck thrown at it and the last thing you want when you have a puncture is an inaccessible spare tyre.

        WD40 is pretty good at freeing things off but it is not a good lubricant. You can get 3in1 oil in an aerosol, or a spray-on grease. Both are easy to apply and are good for keeping the mechanism free and protected. Avoid spraying onto the tyre though when you do the spare wheel cradle. Oil is not kind to rubber.

        Myself, I wouldn't assume that the spare wheel mechanism is usable just because the MOT was only 4 months ago. Although it should have been checked on both sides, it would be easy to skimp the job and just do a visual check without actually lowering it and removing it.

        Unless you're happy crawling about under the van, I'd arm yourself with a can of spray-on oil or grease, then take it to a tyre depot and ask them to check the tyre. When it's up on the lift and the tyre is out (they'll have to free off any stiffness in the mechanism to do it but it's easy for them), ask them if they'll let you give the mechanism a good oiling. Don't forget the hinge as well as the threaded bit. If they won't allow a customer in the service area, a nice smile or the price of a pint should be enough to get them to do it for you.

        One last thing. When the tyre is put back in the cradle, make sure that the valve is next to the access hole. This is under the carpet, on the step facing the door. This is so that you can check the pressure and top up the spare from inside the van.


          Spare tyre

          Thanks for that advice Paul, its just the sort of thing I really need to know. Will definately follow through on that.


            Hello Tess
            Welcome to the Forum. A new van can be very daunting but there are plenty of people here to help with any problems.

            Hopefully by the time the sun comes out you will be ready to hit the road!


              Originally posted by paul View Post
              WD40 is pretty good at freeing things off but it is not a good lubricant. You can get 3in1 oil in an aerosol, or a spray-on grease. Both are easy to apply and are good for keeping the mechanism free and protected.
              One of the door mechanisms on my car was getting a bit stiff, so I used spray-on grease to free it up yesterday. Worked a treat.


                Originally posted by tess View Post
                Thanks for reply, I cant make Chertsey but will try and be a little bolder with the fridge ignition.

                Think I am going to try and camp out on my driveway first!
                Hi Tess,
                sorry to hear you can't make Chertsey but look forward to seeing you at one of the other meets through the year
                I make occasional visits to reality, but I'm not a full time resident


                  Hello Tess!

                  I was a bit scared of my roma at first, having never driven a van, and a long time since I'd had to use gears (all my cars for years had been autos!)

                  I went out for runs, days out in her at first. A little bit further each time until I was confident with the handling, etc. Lovely to be able to park up in a nice place and put the kettle on!

                  I also think having a 'camp' on the drive is a good idea. It will give you an opportunity to see if everything works ok and what you forgot to pack!

                  The gas takes quite a while to come through to the fridge if it hasn't been used for a while. There are usually (but not always) two taps to turn on - the gas tap at source and a separate tap to the fridge which will be somewhere near it inside. There will be a little spy hole (usually at ground level just to make it difficult!) look down it to the back and use the ignition whilst looking through the spyhole, you will see the spark and there will be a little pop and a steady blue flame after it's lit and warmed up. You might have to do this a few times before it stays lit, and keep holding in the gas button. Once its been used and warmed up (primed?) a bit, it doesn't take as long the next time. dont forget to leave the fridge open if it isn't turned on, as it will go mouldy if you don't.
                  It took 15minutes for me to light mine the first time!

                  Hope to see you at a meet sometime in the future!



                    Thanks to you all for posting replies, reasurance is always valuable. I think getting out for days etc., a great idea ... I am going to persevere with the fridge this afternoon !


                      Tess I've had my Roma for a few years now and love it. Get out there and enjoy your van and travelling. Happy camping


                        Have you got the fridge sorted out yet, Tess?

                        In my earlier post I meant to say there could be an extra tap to switch on inside the cupboards or near to the fridge - I just put inside, so don't go looking inside the fridge for the tap if you have one! LOL!


                          Hi Tess
                          Welcome to the forum, as jayjay says the gas takes some time to get through to the fridge and the spy hole is well out of the way, what I use to do to make sure the gas was coming through was to light a cooker ring first thats easy, that way you are sure the gas is coming through, then try the fridge, it will take a little time and patience at first, good luck, enjoy your van, you will find all the help you require on here, just ask.
                          Gadgetman......... (Bryan)
                          'Live without regrets'


                            Hi Guys and Gals

                            I have not been on the forum for some time. Sorry to say my Romahome proved to be a disaster purchase.

                            I had an MOT history check done, in addition to other problems, I was told the vehicle had been 'clocked' by 100 thousand miles.

                            Because it had been advertised with a low mileage I was able to get my money back under the Sale of Goods Act, I got excellent advice from Trading Standards office. Thankfully I didnt have to go to the small claims court.

                            I have now learned never to buy a vehicle without getting the MOT history checked first, apparantly anyone with the registration number and MOT number can check the history on the website.

                            I am not planning to buy again for the forseeable future.

                            So, going to Scotland for my hols and staying in a cottage! I hope you all have a really good Romahome season.



                              My! What sound advice when buying ANY vehicle. What a pity you were not offered that advice before you bought.
                              I would not have thought about checking the MOT history even though I was aware of its existence.
                              So pleased to know you got your money back! I hope it has not deterred you from trying again.
                              Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


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